About WoD NEVERNEVERLAND Workshop on Demand

NEVERNEVERLAND is starting is new project within our foundation: WoD - Workhops on Demand - a series of different workshops by artists to artists


NEVERNEVERLAND invites different artists to facilitate a workshop based on their own practice and skills. The workshops, participants are invited to immerse themselves into a creative process, develop and sharpen their own technical skills and share knowledge. Together own ideas are discussed with the aim to achieve own goals. around a specific craft.

The workshops are open for everyone and do not require previous experience.



NEVERNEVERLAND Foundation is a new initiative for the arts. In a drastically changing artistic landscape, NEVERNEVERLAND feels the urge to facilitate a broad range of artistic practices by upcoming artists.

NEVERNEVERLAND is organising exhibitions, artist residencies, events, lectures and screenings throughout the city of Amsterdam and abroad.



Frans de Wollantstraat 70 (HQ)

1018 SC Amsterdam

The Netherlands