"Let's keep in touch"

Artist in Residence: Zaïra F. Pourier

Starting this week in our Residency de Nachtegaal in Amsterdam Zuid Oost!



 De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND

 Heesterveld 35a, Amsterdam Zuid Oost




Artist Zaïra F. Pourier Residency Period: 7 September - 11 October 2020


Amsterdam is known for being a multicultural melting pot. This diversity is reflected in the eclectic food scene, the arts and cultural initiatives. During this pandemic however we are experiencing how our spatial routines, both public and private are being reconfigured to adapt to the needs and safety of each other. We witness how our built environment; the human-made structures of a city; the urban fabric, the architecture and the public space is fundamental and crucial to our well-being.

This made us question who and what do these permanent structures represent, and how does our diverse cultural background identify with this?

During this residency it is of importance to us to juxtapose our identity within the built environment. To accomplish this we will engage with our environment as a playground; document and collect the traces of people, research the building materials, and map our routes which connect us to different

places in the city. Our objective is to beautify these encounters by creating a visual representation that will translate what there is and what we envision it to become. Hopefully there will be serendipity where we will even find similarities.

"Let's keep in touch" refers to: Let's stay closely connected with our built environment.

At the end of the day this is the most essential and meaningful to us, humans.




About Artist:


Zaïra F. Pourier (Caribbean, Sicilian) and Christine Kipiriri (Burundian, Russian) collaborate to blur the convention. Throughout their practice they mediate between art, architecture and fashion. Their curious spirit, appreciation for fine detail and their cultural identity plays a significant role in their translations. With their bold visionary approach, they embrace what there is and create space they desire to see exist, this what empowers their union. Instagram: @seetotouch



This project is supported by NEVERNEVERLAND, AFK Amsterdam Fonds for the Arts.


None of us had period then

Tsai Mong-Hsuan

Opening: Thu 25 June 17h00 -20h00

 *Cold-brewed Oolong tea and 58% Kaoliang liquor will be served during the show.




 Reservations CLOSED 24HRS BEFORE OPENING HRS exhibition


Email to nevernever.reservation@gmail.com



Opening hours exhibition program (time slots):


Fri 26 June & 3 July 17h00-20h00

Time Slot: 17-17h50 | 18-18h50 | 19-19h50

Sat - Sun 27, 28 June & 4, 5 July 11h00-17h00

Time Slot: 11-11h50 | 12-12h50 | 13-13h50 | 14-14h50 | 15-15h50 | 16-16h50




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


We are not even aware of ourselves biting our lips, rubbing our feet under the chair, and being under water. None of us had period then in Lion’s Plaza. As a trade-off, 12 years later when we say “lights off!” The lights go off. Being frightened, we all stay quiet and look away from each other. Even though we understand that a profile is not a person, a mask won’t cover the conspiracy and an insecure security secures our imagination and properties.

What is after me is not a spy. That island used to be a wonderland of butterflies. Because we remember the route to the Grounds, by tracing the smell of human residues. These memories are later transformed into genetic codes, an inherited sense of the whole species. Human's exploitation, you said. Sitting on the trees we watch our flashbacks replay around the globe.

When it rains, it pours. The leakage has formed a lake of boiling hot soybean milk, so we decide to sell it to make a living. Our all time favourite “The river of frozen blood” is now available in the store again. According to the blacklist on my hand, you will get an unprecedented-crisis-limited edition delivered straight to your door without contact. Yes technically we always stay seamlessly connected by the map which says there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.


This exhibition is based on the story of Lion’s Plaza, which is known for its haunted stories and suppressed history. It is said that many people fall ill by simply entering the building. Located in the heart of Taipei, an area of youth culture and tourists, Lion’s Plaza was one of the most promising urban projects built in the 70s. While just within a few years of its grand opening, numerous fires, suicides, gun-shots had made the building a notorious crime hub. Rising on the site of previous Taiwan Garrison Command, where had imprisoned and executed innocent citizens under political accusations, Lion’s Plaza bears the covered brutal history of authoritarianism enacted by the political party Kuomintang (KMT).

After WWII, KMT was soon defeated by the Chinese Communist Party and retreated to the small island Taiwan from mainland China. With accumulated anger of injustice brought by the KMT, outraged Taiwanese started a protest after a policeman shot an old lady dead on the street. The protest led to a bloody massacre by the KMT military force, between 5,000 and 28,000 people were killed in one day, and followed by an imposed martial law that lasted for 38 years, which is the second longest in human history after Syria. During this period of time, around 140,000 people were imprisoned and about 4,000 were executed under the accusation of being against the government. The dictator, Chiang Kai-Shek, said he would rather have killed a hundred innocent people not to risk missing one protagonist. This part of history remains a taboo in public even until today and the KMT still wins 1/3 seats in the recent election in 2020.

“None of us had period then” names after six innocent women who were confined in Taiwan Garrison Command. While one was sentenced, the five survived mention that no women had period coming when in captivity, which indicates their terrible physical and mental condition in confinement.


About Artist:

Tsai Mong-Hsuan (1989, Taiwan), is an artist who lives and works in Amsterdam and Taipei. Her practice reacts on daily life encounters, with her body trained as a dancer, her hands holding a camera or a brush, and her brain thinks like a child or her mom. Her works can be read as pursuits of joyfulness and insistence on free, open and airy mode of being. Her seeming work's poetry or lyricism are quite informed, stemming from different registers of thinking. She holds a Master degree from Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam since 2018 and a Bachelor degree in Psychology from National Taiwan University. She co-founded Green-Wave Dance Theatre group from 2008 to 2013 and Lambda Film Production in 2016.


This project is supported by NEVERNEVERLAND, AFK Amsterdam Fonds for the Arts.



Juri Suzuki

Opening: Thu 11 June 17h00 -20h00
Opening Performance “A horse riding a tongue”

Angelo Custódio
Performers Bin Go / Miyuki Inoue / Juri Suzuki

Time Slot: 17-17:50 | 18-20:00

(there will be also a live stream of the performance:



Video of the exhibition preview: https://youtu.be/-MiFqqDmn04


 *If you would like to see the performance on site,

please email to book the time slot of 18h00-20h00 11th June Thursday.




 Reservations CLOSED 24HRS BEFORE OPENING HRS exhibition


Email to nevernever.reservation@gmail.com



Opening hours exhibition program (time slots):


Fri 12 June 17h00-20h00

Time Slot: 17-17h50 | 18-18h50 | 19-19h50

Sat - Sun 13, 14, 20, 21 June 11h00-17h00

Time Slot: 11-11h50 | 12-12h50 | 13-13h50 | 14-14h50 | 15-15h50 | 16-16h50

Fri 12,19 June 17h00 - 20h00

Time Slot: 17-17:50 | 18-18:50 | 19-19:50


Program during exhibition:

Sun 14 June  15h00-16h00
Zen Meditation Workshop
Gioia Marini (Zen.nl Amsterdam)
*Reservation required. Max 8 people.


Friday Night Talk “Moment”
Fri 19 June 19h00-20h00
Guest speakers:
Lola Bezemer (Visual Artist and Performer)
Arthur Nieuwendijk (Zen.nl Amsterdam)

Special thanks to Mio Fujimaki and Rara Gye.


*Reservation required

For the live stream check:




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present: “Lavish are the Dead "a solo show by artist Juri Suzuki (JP).


“The corpses floating in the tank possessed the solidity and independence of consummate ‘objects.’
But those others were still moving slowly away from consciousness, traversing an ambiguous middle ground, when they were incinerated: they didn’t have time to become perfect objects. Of course we’re objects.
And pretty ingeniously put together at that. A man who’s cremated as soon as he dies never knows the sense of volume and weight, or the feeling of solidity you get when you’re an object. It sounded right to me. Death was an object. But I had only comprehended it as an aspect of consciousness. Death as an object began where consciousness ended.” - Lavish are the Dead by Kenzaburō Ōe.
Since Juri Suzuki saw her grandfather passed away in front of her, she got obsessed with how a human being shifts from a living body into an object.
This exhibition includes several events. It starts with the performance “A horse riding a tongue” from Angelo Custódio at the opening on Friday 13 th March 20:30. Sunday evening, 15 th March 17:30 there is a Zen meditation workshop organised by Gioia from Zen.nl Amsterdam.


On 20 th March 19:00 there is the Friday night talk “Moment” with guest speakers Lola Bezemer (visual artist/performer) and Arthur Nieuwendijk (Zen teacher). In this talk, we discuss about the “Moment” in different perspective such as Zen and artistic practice.

Through these events, which can each be understood as fragments of a bigger whole, she aims to capture the experience of transitioning from life to death.
About the artists:

Juri Suzuki (JP) Born and raised in Fukushima, Japan. She graduated in Architecture, from Tokyo University of Science in 2005, from the Fine arts of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2013 and Studio for Immediate Spaces of the Sandberg Institute in 2015. She currently works as an artist based in Amsterdam and has participated in several artist in residences and group exhibitions in Japan, Korea, Greece and the Netherlands. Suzuki was an artist-in-residence and had a solo exhibition in De Fabriek in Eindhoven in 2018. She participated in the Fukushima Biennale 2016 and 2018.


Opening Performance

Angelo Custódio (PT) For years trained as a classical singer, Angelo explores the performative use of the voice and perverts embodied singing techniques to develop sonic encounters with the vulnerable. He urges to nourish empathic understandings of identities, with a focus on the contemporary failure of support structures towards queer bodies and bodies with disability. Angelo holds a MFA from Master of Voice, Sandberg Instituut and a BA in Classical Singing from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.


Zen Meditation Workshop

Zen meditation workshop is organised by Gioia Marini from Zen.nl Amsterdam.

Please send a message for participation before.

Reservation required. Max 8 people.


Friday Night Talk “Moment”

Lola Bezemer (NL) is a visual artist and perfomer. She graduated with a BFA from the department of Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2013. Her boldly coloured performance installations create moments in which she challenges notions of spatial and social relations. In 2015 she received the Stipendium for Emerging Artists from the Mondriaan Fund. She has exhibited and performed at, among others, Art Rotterdam; Bradwolff Projects,

Amsterdam; W139, Amsterdam; Kilometre of Sculpture, Rakvere (Estonia); Studio17, Stavanger (Norway) and participated in Artist in Residency programs such as Forum Dança, Lisbon; Sowing Seeds, Udaipur (India); Superdeals, Brussels.

Arthur Nieuwendijk (NL) studied philosophy, Sanskrit and logic in Amsterdam. In 1997 he obtained his PhD on the question of the validity of logical principles. Through the practical practice of Zen, he has learned how to convert the knowledge and experiences that you gain in your life into a lived, personal insight. He has a great drive to introduce and guide others on the path of Zen on their way to a life with more peace, balance and happiness. He leads Zen.nl Amsterdam.

This project is supported by NEVERNEVERLAND, AFK Amsterdam Fonds for the Arts.



2 hour livestream exhibition 11h00-12h00 and 15h00-16h00 / part of the program of HCC Locked In Livestream HCC x 24H ZO

Arnar Ásgeirsson / Juri Suzuki / Loidys Carnero / Rosalinde C. Zeidman

Unfortunately the program 24H Zuid Oost was cancelled at Heesterveld where we have our residency in Amsterdam Zuid Oost.
Heesterveld Creative Community moved it online 24H Zuid Oost a livestream program from 08h00 in the morning till 02h00 at night so we can experience art and culture from our homes.
11h00-12h00 Loidys Carnero
15h00-15h30 Rosalinde C. Zeidman
15h30-15h50 Juri Suzuki with guest performers Bin Go and Miyuki Inoue
15h50-16h05 Arnar Ásgeirsson (first of the 4x15 min videostream)
After the event video's of Arnar will be on view on our youtube channel till Monday 07h00: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZjezbBlI_yP_EoPycc1bME32coQktUOU&feature=share



De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND

Heesterveld 35a, Amsterdam Zuid Oost

NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present: 'NEVERNEVER locked in livestream exhibition', first livestream exhibition of Loidys Carnero, Juri Suzuki, Rosalinde C. Zeidman and Arnar Ásgeirsson.
We invited for our 2HR block's three artist: Juri Suzuki, Rosalinde C. Zeidman and Arnar Ásgeirsson who where residents at our recidency at Heesterveld and
one new artist Loidys Carnero whom we invited to our residency in fall this year.
Loidys Carnero
Sedia 1 Tutorial   (livestream 1 hrs)
During the 1 hour tutorial Loidys will be making a chair that people can also make at home.
The "Sedia 1" is a self-assembly chair designed in 1974 by Italian designer Enzo Mari. Anyone can purchase pre-cut pine boards (praxis or gamma), nails and construct the chair themselves using just a hammer (he will provide the instruction on the livestream).
The chair is part of Mari's 1974 project called Autoprogettazione, a collection of furniture to be made from the most basic and affordable materials.
About the artist:
Loidys Carnero (Cuba). He received his BA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. He recently completed a master's in Fine Arts at the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. Combining photography, installation and sculpture in his works Loidys has addressed issues of displacement, adaptability, identity and craftsmanship. His work has been exhibited in: Galeria El Apartamento, La Habana (2019); Looiersgracht 60 (2018), Amsterdam; Decoratelier Nationale Opera & Ballet (2018), Amsterdam; Neverneverland - De Punt (2017), Amsterdam; Art Center Faro Cabo Mayor, Santander (2017), Santander; Havana Art Weekend (2017), La Habana. Liverpool Biennial (2011); La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2008). 
Rosalinde C. Zeidman
Abondance, hypnotic session (livestream 30min)
Rosalinde Christopher Zeidman on ‘Abundance Hypnotic Session’...
During our childhood – let’s say between 0 and approximately 11 years – our brainwaves are similar to brainwaves in a state of meditation and/or hypnosis. Which means that your brain is highly vulnerable to the external environment. The environment feeds the subconscious where beliefs are created. Some of those subconscious beliefs will influence you the rest of your life, while you don’t even realize it.
In this session I will take you to those moments where you decided as a kid that ‘Abundance’ was not for you. We will do that with a form of hypnosis. I am going to be counting you back to a time in your life where you began to form beliefs that you couldn’t have what you wanted. You are not consciously doing this, your subconscious mind – as I speak - will start to identify and locate the scenes in your life that programmed you badly. And you are going to go back and have a look at that and then we are going to unpick it. It’s a bit like being a detective or a dentist.
About the artist:
Rosalinde (NL) graduated at the Sandberg in 2016 where she followed the temporary masters ‘Curemaster’. This master programme focussed mainly on mental & physical health.
Rosalinde is fascinated by how our brain operates and brings us beliefs, thoughts and emotion that shape our inner- and external experience of our reality. How conscious or unconscious are these thoughts and emotions? Is our brain programmed by our external environment? Do we have ‘free will” at all? How malleable are we? And which methods exist to influence our state of mind?
At this moment Rosalinde works a lot with black dots, circles and/or drops (ink, acryl, medium and liquid glass). When she has an impuls of inspiration she just sits down and starts. The process is almost like a meditation. Her thoughts are not silent during these processes. “What are you doing?” “This does not make any sense?” “Why are you wasting your time with this?” These questions arise very often in her mind. She tries not to give them attention and just keep on going with making the work. And then somewhere, somehow the work feels like completed because it feels ‘right’. That doesn’t mean that her aesthetic eye always agrees with her feeling.
Juri Suzuki
Lavish are the Dead
Performance by Juri Suzuki / Miyuki Inoue (livestream 20min)
“The corpses floating in the tank possessed the solidity and independence of consummate ‘objects.’
But those others were still moving slowly away from consciousness, traversing an ambiguous middle ground, when they were incinerated: they didn’t have time to become perfect objects.
Of course we’re objects.
And pretty ingeniously put together at that. A man who’s cremated as soon as he dies never knows the sense of volume and weight, or the feeling of solidity you get when you’re an object. It sounded right to me. Death was an object. But I had only comprehended it as an aspect of consciousness. Death as an object began where consciousness ended.”
- Lavish are the Dead by Kenzaburō Ōe.
Since Juri Suzuki saw her grandfather passed away in front of her, she got obsessed with how a human being shifts from a living body into an object.
This exhibition includes several events. And is waiting for you all to come and visit as soon as we can open again at our location Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam Centre.
About the artist:
Juri Suzuki (JP) born and raised in Fukushima, Japan. She graduated in Architecture, from Tokyo University of Science in 2005, from the Fine arts of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2013 and Studio for Immediate Spaces of the Sandberg Institute in 2015. She currently works as an artist based in Amsterdam and has participated in several artist in residences and group exhibitions in Japan, Korea, Greece and the Netherlands. Suzuki was an artist-in-residence
Arnar Ásgeirsson
Live and Well      (videostream 4x15min)
A live stream mixtape from the ice cold studio where the isolated artist entertains himself and those tuning in, with melodies guided by visuals found deep on rusty hard drives.
Arnar made 4 video's which will be shown throughout the program they last 15 minutes each. After the event they will be on view on our youtube channel NEVERNEVERLAND-
About the Artist:
The practice of Arnar Ásgeirsson (Iceland) involves video works, drawings, installations and sculptures with performative aspects.
The work deals with questions of creative ownership, originality, and the differences between creating and copying.
By introducing objects into new scenarios, the possibility of unexpected narratives emerges.
Stay Strong Healhty and Safe!


Younwon Sohn

Poster design : Samuli Saarinen


Opening: Friday 28th of February 19:00 - 23:00


28th of February (FRI) 19:00 - 23:00

by JUANA LEE (Andrés G. Vidal x Younwon Sohn)



Exhibition open:

28th Feb - 8th Mar 2020, Fri - Sun 12h00 - 17h00

Finissage: Sunday 08th of March 15:00 - 17:00


Saturday 07th of March: 16:00 - 18:00

BOOK LAUNCH, READING ‘What ties ties, ties’


by Amy Winstanley, Lana Murdochy, Kathrin Graf, Mariah Blue, Younwon Sohn

Book design : Alex Walker

Publication : Print Art Research Center




Frans de Wollantstraat 84



Younwon Sohn’s solo exhibition Housewarming, Dear Ghost Ants is based on a four-week stay at De Nachtegaal, an artist residency at NEVERNEVERLAND Foundation in Amsterdam.


For her solo show Housewarming, Dear Ghost Ants, Sohn focused on how to approach the idea of hospitality and domesticity in relation to elements linked to architecture, sound, body and creatures. Often her hospitality is an invitation of her own distant living space and the collaborative effort of friends who wish to link and share their narratives and local sceneries with her. Sohn extends her invitation to Juana Lee, a sound project between Younwon Sohn and Andrés G. Vidal.


This project delves into monitored and manipulated soundscapes extracted from each other's local sceneries. The floor space which is reconstructed of her balcony at Nowon, in Seoul, provides a place for gathering and a platform to hold other linkages. On the floor piece, there are insect creatures which are not welcomed but are prior residents of Sohn’s home. Calling them as potential relatives or flatmates, Sohn draws the connection between the invisible signal of Wi-Fi to the ghostly traces of creatures around every corner of her house. She takes them as a crucial indicator to understand what is home now.


About the artist:

Younwon Sohn (Seoul, KR) enjoys making sculptures which function as hospitality. Most of her works are site-specific installations which use domestic architecture to reflect daily practices like cleaning, digesting and sharing, to produce energy for a future event. She received her Bachelor Degree at Korean National University of Arts (KR), 2014 and attended the exchange program at Maryland Institute College of Arts (US), 2011. Since 2019 she holds her Master Degree from Sandberg Institute (NL), she is currently working in Amsterdam and Seoul. Her work has been presented in group and solo exhibitions in several institutions and artist-run spaces such as Barim space, Gallery 17717, Ricehouse_Bahmyi in the cave(KR), MACAO(IT), Zone2Source(NL), Tiefkeller(DE) etc.



The project is supported by Print Art Research Center, Seoul, South Korea



Period: 09 March till 02 April 2020




Dominicanessenstraat 34, Oranjestad, Aruba


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present ”Reverse Hydro-Flows”, the project of De Driewieler Collectief at our collaborative residency in Aruba.


Reverse Hydro-flows draws its content from a perspective upon hydrocommonality and focus on the conceptualisation and development of a space installation as physical structure to host several encounters. The installation functions as an ecotone and as a space for facilitation of embodied practices and critical thinking, open to forms of knowledge that can drip, leak or spill from the non-western practices. A more liquid and inclusive space, aligned with a softening queer ethics, in search for an eco-deviant and yet-to-come utopia. These encounters will engage the Aruban community, activating flows of alterity beyond the binary and stimulating waves of reparation.


The concepts of Reverse Hydro-flows revolve around notion of liquidity and how does water shape new ecologies of living. Ateliers’ 89 / NEVERNEVERLAND and Aruba are a perfect context for such research. The omnipresence of sea water surrounding the island offers a perfect frame for Reverse Hydro-flows. More over, the socially engaged practice of our artistic collective was a big motivation for this invitation. Ateliers’ 89 program is deeply implemented for the surrounding population and to create a connection between the local population and international design and art. In addition to the encounter program, the final material production of Reverse Hydro-flows will take place in Ateliers’ 89 exhibition space in April 2020.



About the artists:


The Driewieler Collectief is composed by the artists: Arthur Guilleminot, Pedro Matias and Angelo Custodio.

As artistic living assemblage, we facilitate supportive structures to one another, daily.
Based on this experience, our artistic practice aligned with a queer ethics becomes life and life dissolves into practice and, therefore, our individual body of work informs our collective practice. With this exchange, we build a fluid yet supportive framework for our projects. A wobbly supportive system that allows different outcomes and that facilitates new perspectives and ways of doing, beyond our personal boundaries and fascinations.
Collectively, we research alternative structures based on our living, loving and working reality. By sharing each practice in fluid horizontal flows, we bridge critical thinking, developing socially engaged works exploring performance, interactive installation, immersive soundscapes, choreographed objects and non-traditional forms of art making.
The facilitation of interaction with the audience, allows a collective creation of a liquid temporality and a queer micro-community.
We focus in promoting visibility to different compositions of bodies, both in life and art. It is fundamental to use our agency as queer bodies to facilitate radical resistance - decolonized, horizontal, liquid, critical and destabilising the fixity of knowledge.
There is urgency in facilitating speculative approaches towards an optimist queer utopia, to allow new structures for ecologies of alterity to thrive.
By thinking with liquidity we rethink our bodies as wet matter and therefore with much more in common with other nonhuman bodies that what humankind wants to admit.
Our hydrocommonality with otherness and darkness should facilitate our understanding of our surroundings and ecosystems.



Websites: Driewieler Collectief, Pedro Matias, Angelo Custodio, Arthur Guilleminot
Instagram: Pedro Matias, Angelo Custodio, Arthur Guilleminot




The project is supported by Ateliers'89, NEVERNEVERLAND, Mondriaan Fonds, AFK, Bank Giro Loterij

Ateliers '89 RESIDENCY collaboration with NEVERNEVERLAND

Ateliers '89

The Ateliers ’89 Foundation is located in the heart of Oranjestad. The complex consists of a number of classrooms, studios and apartments, surrounded by a large garden. Established, foreign and local artists teach at the studios and exhibit since 2006 in the exhibition space of the foundation. Ateliers’89 has been actively involved in organizing workshops for young people and adults.

The foundation organizes workshops on site in villages for disadvantaged children, who cannot come to Ateliers’89 to attend workshops, meetings between the island’s people and international curators and writers, which created a huge inspirational exchange.


NEVERNEVERLAND invites young national and international artist to come and work and research for a period of 5 weeks in Amsterdam South-East  our location is called De Nachtegaal and sinds 2018 we can host the artists as well at Ateliers '89 on Aruba.


In addition to this we organize workshops based on the practice of the Artist in Residence given by the artist or other artists we invite especially for the workshops at De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND.


More info about the Residency program go to Residency.

Sandberg Series #03

The Rizome and the Multiverse



Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam

Entrance (no pin)

5 Euro or 3 Euro (consession)



Aurélien Lepetit

Opening: Friday 08 December, 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 09 December – 17 December, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 17 December, 15h00– 17h00

[at 16:00 Artist talk]




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘STAMINA TROPICAL WINTER': the first solo exhibition by Aurélien Lepetit in The Netherlands.


‘STAMINA TROPICAL WINTER' is a site specific installation reshaping the architectural archetype of the Gym as a vitrine where Fitness is used as a societal obsession. It seeks to question the body as a tool to shape identities by merging sports movements and devices with clubbing aesthetics into visuals, sounds and olfactives interventions.


This exhibition will showcase glass sculptures with Fitness aesthetic which is activated by the performers and driven by a sound piece in collaboration with The Mountain.




Pedro Matias (PT), Elisabeth Mesnier (FR) and Estéfano Romani (BR)

Sound of techno: The Mountain (NL)


About the artist:

Aurélien Lepetit’s work investigates movement, gestures and attitudes from daily-life motion as a choreography. He stages the carnality of a body which is no longer present by pushing its boundaries and limits beyond gender, sexuality, political, patriarchal and sociological pressures. Lepetits work seeks the meaning of masculinity by questioning the body as a cluster to research beauty ideals, societal pressure and its impacts through medium such as video, installation and performance. Overlapping and merging olympic sports movement as a dance, Fitness as a societal obsession and Clubbing as a space of anthropological analysis shaping identities.


Aurélien Lepetit b. Lyon, France lives and works in Amsterdam. He holds a B.A. in Design of Spaces specialized in Set and Stage Design, Lyon, France, an M.A. in Exhibition Design and an M.A. in Dirty Art at the Sandberg Instituut. His work has been exhibited during The Wandering School at M^C^O, Milano (IT) (short-listed for the Milano Design Prize for best Experimentation), Off the Record: Design Performs in the Wormhole between Milan and Rotterdam at The Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL), Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune, International Design Biennale, St Etienne (FR), and assisted the curator Florence Parot for the exhibition de Appel timeline: 40+ years of risks conceptualized by Niels van Tomme, De Appel Art Center, Amsterdam (NL).



The Exhibition STAMINA TROPICAL WINTER is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts and 3M.

The Burrow

Minne Kersten & Jorik Amit Galama

Opening: Friday 17 November, 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 18 November – 26 November, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 26 November, 15h00– 17h00


Opening: Friday 17 November, 20h30

Anne Marijn Voorhorst is a writer and art-critic, during the opening she will perform a text written for the exhibition.


Finissage: Sunday 26 November, 15h00– 17h00

Sander van der Ham is an urban psychologist working for STIPO, during the finissage he will give a presentation about (among other things) the projects he does with Thuismakers Collectief.




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present “The Burrow”: a duo exhibition by Minne Kersten and Jorik Amit Galama.


The exhibition “The Burrow” approaches the current obsession with feeling at home by looking at the specific intimacy people experience in their own house. The temporary expelling of the rules of public life creates a place where one gets as close as possible to something of a true self. At the same time, the vulnerability of this constellation often implicates the anxiety for its loss. The works in the exhibition encapsulate this fragility and play with the question what we try to protect with the notion of the home.


General text:

Although his apartment was located in a rather affluent neighborhood, the interior bore a close resemblance to the trenches that were dug during the Battle of the Somme. Old magazines and plastic bags had formed walls, the sleeves of suits hanging out in surrender, a tropical plant searched for sunlight and on the floor lay fragments of furniture that had been crushed by the weight they had supported. He tripled tirelessly between the four craters in which his mattress, the toilet, a kitchen sink and a small stool were located. When he sat down on the stool he tried to determine if he smelled or heard something that wasn’t his own. Memories of the outside world, with its parks, shopping centers, and boulevards, made him guffaw; how to cope with all those complete strangers! But he sometimes questioned if more had withdrawn, were only the delivery boys roaming the streets? When the doorbell rang to announce the arrival of his ration of food he shivered. A ringing doorbell meant the proximity of someone with eyes, and the eyes of others were like rifles, ready to fire a blasting gaze.



Minne Kersten (NL) is an Amsterdam based visual artist and writer. She studied at Rietveld academie (Text & Image department, 2016). Her installations derive from fictional stories and metaphors about domesticated environments. She is interested in the living spaces that surround humans and how these are interacting with our bodies pumping of blood, flesh, skin and organs. Working across video’s, set-building and storytelling, she researches notions of architecture in relation to all sorts of building processes found in nature- and city life.


Her installations have been showed at i.a. at7 project space (2017), Museumnacht Appel Arts Centre (2017), Harbinger Iceland (2017), Worm S/ASH GA\\ERY (2017), Hrísey Iceland (2016), Oude Kerk (2015), de Brakke Grond (2015). In 2018 she will be a resident at kunsthuis SYB and a participant of the Slow Writing Lab.



Jorik Amit Galama (NL) is an Amsterdam based visual artist and writer of fiction and art-criticism. He graduated from the Text and Image department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2016. Working with the video essay as his main visual medium, he focusses on the ways in which image cultures determine people's behavior and how they try to rid themselves of this influence. His work often touches on topics related to anxiety and trauma, thereby drawing inspiration from methods of therapy.


His work has been showed at i.a. at7 project space (2017), Media Art Festival (2016), Worm S/ASH GA\\ERY (2016), de Brakke Grond (2015), Oude Kerk (2015), Lichthof (2015). In 2018 he will be a participant of the Slow Writing Lab.




Poster design by Johanna Ehde.

The exhibition The Burrow is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.



A show by The Travel Agency

Opening: Saturday 11 November, 15h00-03h00



Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


TR/PS is the 1st quarter meeting of The Travel Agency.
In an intensive 5-day working period on Site the we will employ our desires for cooperation and productive togetherness to engage in a live-research on the ‘corpus operandi’. Remote working strategies allow us to incorporate Satellite Ventures, that add up to an immersive realm which seeks to show the strengths of cooperation.
Throughout the 11th of November the im-/material findings of this Joint Venture will be presented to the public in form of TR/PS, a 12hrs long event that takes its starting point at NEVERNEVERLAND.
T rust R elations / n P eople S upport




16.00 - 22.00:
TA Trips:  A festive quarter year meeting

TA Trips: The green

YAFF:        A cooperative partnership
a satellite venture to BOLOGNA
by Ivan Cheng, Pierre Bujeau, Arie de Fijter
TBA: a satellite venture into -ship
21:00 - 03.00:
DJ Kaktus, DJ Herman Bosui, DJ Saliva.

Sandberg Series #02

Tarek Atoui


'every word left unspoken during the exhibition is the title'


NEVERNEVERLAND Foundation is a new initiative for the arts. In a drastically changing artistic landscape, NEVERNEVERLAND feels the urge to facilitate a broad range of artistic practices by upcoming artists, with an focus on young POC, bi-cultural LGBTQ+ and queer artist.

NEVERNEVERLAND is organizing exhibitions, artist residencies, masterclasses, events, lectures and screenings throughout the city of Amsterdam and abroad. With our new youtube channel we showcase our artists, masterclasses, lectures and events as well as our workshops in collab with organizations who work with young people who are marginalized.



Frans de Wollantstraat 70 (HQ)

1018 SC Amsterdam

The Netherlands