Soft Landings

Opening: Friday 20 April 19h00-23h00
Dj Christiaan (Sicily, Italy) 22h00
Exhibition and public program open:
20|21|22|28|29 April 12h00 – 17h00
(Every day on view as a window exhibition)
Finissage: Sun 29 April, 15h00– 17h00
Forecast: Friday 20 April 19h00 – 23h00
Mapping: Wednesday 25 April 19h00 – 23h00
Soft Landings Showroom Launch: Saturday 28 April 19h00 – 23h00



Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam

The Soft Landings Showroom is an expanded view of industrial testing cycles made to determine the performance and functionality of an object by its compliance to human interaction and the natural environment. The de-industrialized bespoke devices and interventions of the Showroom invite the audience to engage with disaster through the experiences of their protagonist object, and speculate on what the cases may one day contain.


About Showroom:

Soft Landings appraises the phenomenon of industrialized speculation on unfortunate events and disaster. They map the interpersonal and corporate tendency to favor the worst case scenario, from a scratch or a burn to extraterrestrial attacks and solar flares. These conceptions of insurmountable problems are used as the basis of a series of examinations of discomfort and catastrophe. Whether opportunistic or circumspect, the responses to crisis by cyclopean commercial entities are brought to an empathic level through individual arts practice. How might the lone programmer, performer or wood-turner manifest an industrial response to the inevitable?


For The Soft Landings Showroom, 200 white injection-molded, heavy-duty transport cases are currently traveling from Ningbo, CN to Amsterdam, NL. Eventually, they will each house a series of artist editions – a hermetically seal-able white-cube group exhibition. These cases purport to be future proof, totally resistant to water, dust, shock and impact. They will live for a far longer time than any visitors to the Showroom. For this reason, they take their rightful place as the protagonist in an examination of a fully materialized aspect of industrial speculation: the product testing phase.

Forecast: Friday 20 April 19h00-23h00
The Soft Open of the Soft Landings Showroom – where visitors are invited to be components of an informal plotting session, speculating on the impending future of the project through a series of games and interventions based on product testing and focus grouping. Conditional wagers and judicious choices required. 
Mapping: Wednesday 25 April 19h00-23h00
The Mapping event takes a step further into the predictive and unpredictable. Visitors will adopt new potential selves in a roleplaying game set at a rapidly accelerating series of New Years Eve parties. The players will draw and be drawn into situations related to unfortunate events and interpersonal dramatic cycles in order to collectively channel an intimate portrait of the near future.
Launch: Saturday 28 April 19h00-23h00
Official Launch and opening of the Soft Landings Showroom. Compiling the data from its prequel events, the ethos of Soft Landings will be finally revealed and formally realised.
Soft Landings is an artist collective consisting of Eurico Sa Fernandes, Alban Karsten, Tom Kemp and Kitty Maria. All based in Amsterdam, the four members bring together a scope of performance, programming, film and installation-based practices. The first iteration of their togetherness concerns an exhibition space able to withstand extreme circumstances.



Supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts


Arthur Guilleminot

at de Nachtegaal Residency

De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND
Heesterveld 35a, Amsterdam
Zuid Oost


Workshops Skinning Utopia every Friday 17h00-20h00

Costs: FREE


NEVERNEVERLAND invites young national and international artist to come and work and research for a period of 5 weeks in Amsterdam South-East.
In addition to this we organize workshops based on the practice of the Artist in Residence given by the artist or other artists we invite especially for the workshops at De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND.


With 'Skinning Utopias' Arthur Guilleminot aims to research relations with one another, as bodies covered of skin.

Skin is the largest human organ. Along its core functions to the human body, the skin is conceptually the only limit between the "inner" and the "outer", both symbolic representations of what we are made of and what we translate to the world.
Skin becomes our physical reflexibility, but as you experience your own body, it becomes a mental reflexibility; a visual image of yourself. This visual representation of our consiousness is what we intensly advertise digitally nowadays with social media.

Skinning Utopias is an ode to skin diversity.
You are welcome to join the quest to find out about the skins that compose Amsterdam. Wanna be burned ? Freckled ? Hairy ? Stretched ? Loose ? Green ? Quilted ?


WE WANT YOU ! You are invited to join the journey to the discovery of skins. Every week, a workshop will take place at the Nachtegaal, for free, with plenty of materials for all of us to build, to create and to transform our bodies.
Each session is focused on a theme:
-13/04 - 17h00/20h00 -  IDENTITY: How do we preserve ourselves ? What are we made of ?
                                                       How to become no-one ?
-20/04 - 17h00/20h00 - ILLUSION : How do we create illusion ? How do we change the perception of skin ?
-27/04 - 17h00/20h00 - SKIN : How do we transform our skin ? How do we create skin ?
                                                How can we use the created skin ?
-02/04 - 17h00/20h00 - BODY: How do we change body ? How do we erase gender ?
                                                How do we wear new bodies ?
-04/04 - 17h00/20h00 - WEARABLE: How do we create object to wear ? How to assemble our new skin ?
                                                           How to create the full illusion ?



About the artist:

Arthur Guilleminot is born in France in 1992. After finishing high school close to Paris he moved to Troyes to study industrial design in 2010. Throughout two internships and 2 years of specialisation he graduated from the Ecole Superieure de design de Troyes (FR). His second internship pushed him to moved from France in 2013 to work for a semester at Emmanuel Babled Studio (Amsterdam, NL). By assisting an artist designer in such events as Milan design week or Venice art Biennale, Arthur discovered the field of designed art. 
After getting his bachelor he decided to expand his visions by not only focusing on industrial design but to work on conceptual and performative objects. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam, NL), Design Lab department, where he started to experience the link between performance and props design. Arthur joined the Driewieler Collective in 2014 focused in developing objects choreographed by their use.




Supported by Gemeente Amsterdam Zuidoost en CBK Zuidoost


 -special edition-

Opening: Friday 23 March 19h00-23h00


Exhibition and screening program open:

23 March – Sun 25 March, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 25 March, 15h00– 17h00


Sunday 25 March start 16h00:

Error of Eros - Public lecture by Aynouk Tan




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘CINEMA SUNDAYS' -special edition- :

an international screening/exhibition platform for young filmmakers and artist.


Exhibition 'ERROR OF EROS'

by Luciënne Venner

Recent graduate Luciënne Venner made a site specific installation consisting of 3 works: her new short film ‘Error of Eros’, which is a "one-shot (this is a full-length movie filmed in one long take by a single camera), ‘Songs of Agave’ an audio piece and ‘Untitled’ a textile work.


Screening program by:

Berber Humalda

Jaako Myyri

Manuala Rosso-Brunach & Melissa Koziebrocki

Kleoniki Stanich

Timna Tomisa


With the combination of a screening program and exhibition, we give the maker and audience the change to deal with film in other settings then being projected on a a screen or wall, and to have a broader understanding of the concept and the making proces of the film makers/artist.


This year we have selected 6 film makers, all alumni/students of the

VAV-moving image- department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

The works all deal different way with themes such as: the body, gender, longing, eroticism, human behavior and relationships.


About the exhibition: 

' Error of Eros'

With this installation Venner researches the nature of erotic longing and the poetic expression of sexuality. How is it that I desire what I desire? How does our visual culture influence our erotic desire?
Venner invited Aynouk Tan to give a public lecture during the finissage of her exhibition.


About the artist:

Luciënne Venner (°1989, Baexem, Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam. She is a filmmaker, musician and performance artist who researches transformation as identity. Balancing on the edge of recognition and alienation. Her performances and films appear often as dreamlike. Her work has been featured at EYE Film Museum, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Arti et Amicitiae, Nederlands Filmfestival, Kassel experimental documentary film festival.


About Public lecture Error of Eros:

In her lecture Aynouk Tan will deconstruct the concept of gender identity, discuss the concept of queer as an alternative to binary gender identities and give examples of ways in which erotic desires can be shaped within alternative communities.

Tan is a fashion philosopher and curator and is researching the way we generate visual culture, gender (identity) and sexuality by our appearances.


About Aynouk Tan:

Tan acquired national fame for her column at the NRC Handelsblad ' fashion according to Aynouk Tan', for which she dressed up in different outfits on a weekly basis to discuss its historical, artistic and social significance. Nowadays she works as a journalist, teacher, moderator and art director for a wide range of clients, such as Radio1, het Stedelijk Museum, Vodafone en Stichting Mama Cash.
All her work focuses on critical reflection on (cultural) analysis of the way fashion and clothing form our identity, perception and behavior.

About Screening program:

by Berber Afke Humalda
Film description:
The work “Hulleman” is inspired by unrecognizable microscopic images and how these images create a world on its own. “Hulleman” is a journey that travels over a surface and explores the passing of time, alienation and the human body.
About the artist:
Berber Afke Humalda graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2016. A fascination with details, change and transiency of the human mind and body has always been the main subject of her work. Besides video works she also makes pen drawings that consists of small lines and dots. In both video and drawings a close-up of the world is explored.
'Reasons 9 months can be a gig'
by Jaakko Myyri
Film description:
Reasons 9 months can be a gig starts with a boy discovering an agenda as a young male. A visibly contagious pattern of male focus, constructed gender and addressing of family are prominent narrative blocks for him as he revisits his kinetic environment and invites others to join his simulation.
About the artist:
Jaakko Myyri (b. 1991, Finland) works with media art and set designing, graduating from VAV.
‘Ashley Ashley Ashley’
by Manuela Rosso-Brugnach & Melissa Koziebrocki
Film description:
In their collective performance “Ashley, Ashley and Ashley”, Koziebrocki, Rosso and Falero Vázquez scored their performance as a response to call out culture. Through the safety of the window gallery, they interact directly with gallery passerbys by. The three performers choreographs, script and inhabit the voices of several female identifying bodies to “call out” passersby through the safety of the window gallery of ATA. These bodies will make a commentary on the current climate of “call out culture” that exists on social media and in many cultural institutions. This confrontational tactic describes what to say when someone says or does something that upholds the oppression of another group. Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre will be used in order to come up with alternative tactics for resistance. Characters will also be created within the performer’s body that will inhabit a multitude of these ongoing judgements on people’s bodies and politics.
About the artists:
Manuela Rosso-Brugnach is currently a fourth year student at the Audiovisual department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. In 2016 she attended the San Francisco Art Institute where she studied at the New Genres department. She works primarily with Performances and Video Installations with a focus on relational boundaries of gender and the Internet -with a capital I-. Her work configures a dynamic summary of the eclectic web as the unreachable yet inevitably constructed set that defines our everyday identity. Rosso-Brugnach’s performances have been exhibited in the United States and throughout Europe. Before coming to The Netherlands she lived and studied in Germany, Argentina and the US where she was educated in theater, music and dance.
Melissa Koziebrocki is a Performance and Video Artist and Arts Educator. She was the recipient of the Graduate Fellow Award at the San Francisco Art Institute, where she received her MFA in New Genres in 2017. In 2017, she was a Resident Artist at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Melissa has a Bachelors in Art History from McGill University, a Bachelor of Fine Art from OCAD University, and has a Masters of Museum Studies from University of Toronto. Most recently, Melissa has performed at such spaces as the Socrates Sculpture Park, Berkeley Art Museum, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Highways Performance Space, SAFEHouse for the Performing Arts, San Francisco Mint, Artist Television Access, XPACE, and the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives. She has been a Resident Artist and Panelist for the Feminist Art Conference. Her work has been published in She Does the City, Theory Boner: Manifesto and on the cover of Foglifter Magazine. In 2007 she founded the student-run Fridge Door Gallery, which is celebrating its tenth year anniversary.
by Kleoniki Stanich
Film description:
Tactilis introduces three strangers; a woman around 40, a truck driver in his 50s and an older lady of around 75 years old, who co-exist in the same space. An immobile ferryboat. The characters are lonely passengers unconsciously seeking for the feeling of belonging. Through what seems to be a moment of accidental physical contact, a new language starts to form between them. The film replaces words with gestures and it navigates around the structure of a relationship. The minimum amount of contact that takes place, becomes an alphabet. All the fragments of their encounter get mentally amplified by each one of them and end up forming a game.
About the artist:
Kleoniki Stanich grew up in Athens but moved to the Netherlands at the age of 18 in order to study. She has always had a natural tendency to observe social structures & behaviours; therefore moving in a new environment transformed this tendency into a necessity and gave a primal function to the act of observing which became almost like a survival mechanism. All this presented a newfound, sensitive sense of affiliation. Kleoniki grasps from these experiences and creates mainly film-oriented work that deals with social integration, communication and the sense of belonging. She gets inspiration by the works of filmmakers as well as real life and draws her characters and their stories by observing contemporary every day life. Loneliness is often present in her characters who are usually strangers somehow forced to co-exist in the same public space. The results of this become the scripted storyboard on which various non verbal communication-games take place.
Kleoniki Stanich is graduating this year at VAV - Moving Image.
'The Graveyard Slot'
by Timna Tomiša
Film description:
The Graveyard Slot is a thirteen minute anthology film dealing with the portrayal and abstract juxtaposition of nocturnal mythological creatures and their ‘real world’ counterparts.  In three vignettes we are given an insight into the world of the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy and the Vampire as we follow them through their nightly undertakings.   This film aims to shed a different light on the types of people we consider ‘outcasts’ - by elevating them to the status of mythological creatures the outcasts are becoming more 'cool’ and acceptable, while in turn, the mythological creatures are seen as more humble and human.
About the artist:
Timna Tomiša (b.1994, Zagreb, Croatia) is an Amsterdam based film-maker/ (audio)visual artist.
A recent graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s Department of Moving Image - VAV, Tomiša’s practice is rooted in film-making but even more so in the all-encompassing process of creation of the mise en scène of her films.
In this way Tomiša creates surreal, topsy-turvy, absurd, almost synthetic worlds that run on their own inherent, idiosyncratic logic whilst almost secretively pointing towards phenomena that occurs in the so-called ‘real world’.


The Exhibition 'ERROR OF EROS' is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts


Nikolas Knežević

at De Nachtegaal Residency

De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND
Heesterveld 35a, Amsterdam
Zuid Oost


NEVERNEVERLAND invites young national and international artist to come and work and research for a period of 5 weeks in Amsterdam South-East.
In addition to this we organize workshops based on the practice of the Artist in Residence given by the artist or other artists we invite especially for the workshops at De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND.


During the residency, Nikola Knežević will focus on the relationship between material reality and the virtual space of mind. His intrest in the subject stems from the question: How might the physical, non-digital mediums trigger the experience of the virtual space? How do one see, feel and know such a space?

As a starting point for his research, Nikola will use Rene Magritte's painting:

Le Blanc Seing (1965)


About the artist:

Nikola Knežević works at the intersection between architecture and embodied practices, closely and regularly collaborating with choreographers. In more recent projects, he has been inspired by the virtual spaces that emerge from the body and within the body, the space of memories, dreams and the unconscious. His work takes form of 3D animation, sculpture, text, immersive spatial installation and mise-en-scéne.



Supported by Gemeente Amsterdam Zuidoost en CBK Zuidoost


Minhong Yu

Opening: Friday 9 March 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 9 March – Sun 18 March, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 18 March, 15h00– 17h00


Opening performance: In between short lines (clap, splash, boing)
Part 1: 20h00 – 20h20, Part 2: 22h00 – 22h20
Onomatopeic breath, and soft silences in extra verbal
A trio. Performance 20’ by Monica Mays
Goran Turnsek (SLO) - Bin Koh (KR) - Monica Mays (SP)
Finissage performance 16h00 – 16h30: 
by Rutger Muller (NL)




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘BREATHE': the first solo exhibition by Minhong Yu in The Netherlands.


As a designer and artist raised and educated in China and based in Amsterdam, Minhong Yu (于旻弘) stands simultaneously in two worlds and two systems, trying to start a dialogue between them. How can they find a relationship, how can they find a balance?
In the 2-channel video-installation BREATHE on translucent silken screens an atmosphere of tension between different realms is created. With the use of flags – red, white and transparent – Minhong depicts existing systems of power, and questions symbols of identity. BREATHE confronts opposing forces, and proposes a dialogue between poetry and rigid socio-political structures, between opacity and transparency. In the installation BREATHE Minhong shows the polluting factories of her hometown and her newly overseas residence as contributors of a beautiful landscape, where air, smoke and water are the links for transportation between these two continents. Smog is in both installations the invisible medium that connects these otherwise distant worlds softly together.
Living in an unfamiliar environment, coping with a language barrier, and forced to explore the meaning of identity, Minhong wants to become invisible: to wear a smog-mask and disappear into the herd. Because in order to be stronger, one first has to be weaker. The voice of silence is the highest state of bonding. Transparency can be the perfect camouflage for any existence in this world.
About Protokols: 
"Spectral mysticism oscillating between high and low brow, micro and macro cosmos, emotion and abstraction. Contains elements of classical/early music, (dark) ambient, (glitch) techno and new age.” Protokols is a contemporary classical/ ambient-techno album composed by Rutger Muller between 2012 and 2017. Through sampling and collaboration with classical instrumentalists, unorthodox combinations of sound textures and musical traditions are shaped into mystic avant-garde sound worlds. The six Protokols compositions fuse heavy rhythmic drive with cosmic tranquility. They explore contemporary club culture’s role in evoking ancient spirituality and shaping space for radical anonymous catharsis. In 2018 Protokols was further developed as a spatial sound installation, which will presented as an immersive, experimental club environment within Minhong Yu’s video installation BREATHE.
About the artist:
Minhong Yu graduated in 2013 from the China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, and obtained her masters degree in Design at the Sandberg Instituut, Rietveld Academy in 2016. Her work is concerned with visibilities and invisibilities relating to social issues in this digital world, and ranges from prints to video installations which explore representations of power. Right now she is organising a dialogue on new ways of visual communication under the I YU Studio she founded in 2016.
Simultaneously with the exhibition BREATHE at NEVERNEVERLAND, her installation BREATHE is also presented at Filmtheater Kriterion Amsterdam, as a part of Cinemasia.



Special thanks:
Femke Schaap & Sjerk Timmer


The Exhibition 'BREATHE' is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts.


Pedro Matias

Opening: Friday 23 February, 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 23 February – Sun 04 March, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 04 March, 15h00– 17h00


Public event: EVERYTHING IS LIQUID - Thu 01 March, 20h00-21h00

Guest: Eliza Steinbock, Maria Guggenbichler and Rabea Ridlhammer

More info see below



Patrick Schmatzer (AUT) -  Mina Tomic (ISL)

Moreno Perna (IT) - Merdan Akbayir (GER)




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘EVERTHING BUT FACIAL': the first solo exhibition by Pedro Matias in The Netherlands.


The exhibition and the public event are curated by Léon Kruijswijk,

guest curator of NEVERNEVERLAND.


EVERYTHING BUT FACIAL is the culmination of nine months of investigation which  Matias started in April 2017 at the NEVERNEVERLAND recidency de Nachtegaal in Amsterdam ZO, focusing on the repercussions of capitalism in the bodies and minds of today's society. Corporate societies have evolved into an over-edited reality since major companies and industries have created imagery to influence, define and control the way we see ourselves and how we behave. Therefore, mass followers and the majority are created, resulting in a normalization of behavior. In such systems, non-conformist thoughts and beliefs continuously face challenges, often in an attempt to instigate change. With atmospheric site-specific installations, Matias reflects on corporatism, neo-liberal capitalism, normativity, display and consumerism through performative destruction and chaos.


Pedro Matias considers both voice and body a weapon for change and revolution. In the course of the exhibition, performers deconstruct and mess up the installations. Their non-normative and queer bodies represent the labor as well as the disruptive power each one of us holds in our hands. Here, the body becomes political, beyond gender and sexuality, using both concepts to expose diversity and demystify normative roles. Their movement could be considered the longing for - or the possibility of - a queer utopia. EVERTHING BUT FACIAL faces challenges of dominant corporate societies and is a colorful performative attempt of creating alternative knowledge.




‘EVERYTHING IS LIQUID’ explores positions of post-modern bodies in today’s society, which will be put in feminist, queer, transgender and intersex perspectives. With a pluralistic mixture of artistic and academic contributions, we will examine further the notions Pedro Matias’ metaphorically addresses in his solo exhibition, such as corporatism, neo-liberal capitalism, consumerism, hetero-normativity, sexuality and the position of queer bodies.


Prior to the mixture of contributions we will screen Matias’ video ‘…to my plastic brothers… (2017), which laid the foundation for the EVERYTHING BUT FACIAL exhibition. In between, we will talk with Matias about his artistic research.


Maria Guggenbichler will present ‘Intimacy Manifesto’: a short story about Hortense Spillers who thinks about the individual as a “formation in relation to property”. ‘Intimacy Manifesto’ whispers, murmurs and un-speaks non-sexual and queer intimacies. The text will be read by Guggenbichler and Hodan Warsame, featuring a short correspondence with Alok Vaid-Menon.


In their talk, Eliza Steinbock will focus on the substance of slime as a model for thinking about subjectivity, inter-object and human relation and bodily form. Since the late 1940s, the new commodity of plastic and the quality of plasticity has been a dominant model for theorising gender, useful for feminist theories of social construction. However, it has also been used against transgender and intersex claims to gender identity that might appear at odds with their morphology or sexual characteristics. Steinbock will discuss how slime opens a critical path to conceptualising contemporary formations of gender, sexuality and the flow or stickiness of value and embodiment.


Gossip Girl Rabea Ridlhammer will serve us a hot dish, ventilating gossip as the evil force of distribution of half-truths we love/hate, but also as a form of supremely camp communication. Gossip, here, will be considered as a form of art - a method as queer as its content.



Eliza Steinbock

In this talk, Eliza Steinbock will focus on the substance of slime as a model for thinking about subjectivity, inter-object and human relation and bodily form. Since the late 1940s, the new commodity of plastic and the quality of plasticity has been a dominant model for theorizing gender, useful for feminist theories of social construction, but also used against transgender and intersex claims to gender identity that might appear at odds with their morphology or sexual characteristics. Similarly, liquidity is prevalent in neoliberal discussions of both the market and its commodities as well as returns as an important characteristic of flexible workers and celebrated in identifications of gender fluidity. In this line of thinking, Steinbock will discuss how slime opens a critical path to conceptualizing contemporary formations of gender, sexuality and the flow or stickiness of value and embodiment, and finally, how slimey-ness trigger the affects of attraction and repulsion. Drawing on the works presented by Pedro Matias at Neverneverland in this exhibition titled “…,” and feminist and queer artists like Hannah Wilkie and Martin O’Brien, Steinbock will discuss the allure of the gross, and the discomfort provoked by slime’s particular aesthetics of amorphous change.


Eliza Steinbock - Assistant Professor of Film and Literary Studies at Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, and former “Veni” Talent Scheme postdoctoral researcher awarded by The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research for “Vital Art: Transgender Portraiture as Visual Activism” (2014-2018). Their forthcoming first book, Shimmering Images: Trans Cinema, Embodiment and the Aesthetics of Change, is with Duke University Press (Winter 2018).


Maria Guggenbichler - ‘Intimacy Manifesto’

Hortense Spillers thinks about the individual as a "formation in relation to property.” Intimacy Manifesto whispers, murmurs and un-speaks non-sexual and queer intimacies. Forms of boundless relation, community, family and home, which grasp clearly yet go unapologetically against and beyond the individual, property, and the other institutions of western racial capitalism – coupledom, marriage, the nuclear family, blood kinship, citizenship, the nation state, etc. Marriage will never set us free – neither will the individual or subject status.


A voice message left by Maria Guggenbichler, featuring a short correspondence with Alok Vaid-Menon. Text will be read by Hodan Warsame and Maria Guggenbichler.


Rabea Riddlhammer

I’m gonna serve you a hot dish. A short exercise in channeling different voices, ventilating gossip as the evil force of distribution of half-truths we love slash hate it to be, but also as a form of supremely camp communication. Its power to disrupt might well lie in the passionate embrace of its own trivialisation. Whether it is coded language between whoever falls through the gaps of the het-no matrix or simple s/he-said-s/he-said between two friends - gossip, here, will be considered as a form of art. A method as queer as its content (I totally stole this line). xoxo gossip girl.


About the artist:


Pedro Matias (lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands) was born in Lisbon, Portugal; in a period marked by the awakening from an authoritarian, corporate, conservative and nationalist regime and evolving into a capitalist, corporate society. Matias connection with physical activities goes back to when he was a young athlete in competitive swimming. While growing up, Pedro felt his body and mind went in different directions. His brain became disembodied, living withing an entity beyond himself, and rather failing short of his expectations.

After many years of refusing the use of the body as an artistic medium, Pedro discovered that his own body could move and be used in his works. Thus in his practice, Pedro tries to combine his conceptual approach with dialogue between object an body, using time and space. Pedro has shown his works in Portugal, Germany, France , UK, Greece, Switzerland, China, Russia and the USA.



The Exhibition EVERYTHING BUT FACIAL is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts.

Sandberg Series #03

The Rizome and the Multiverse



Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam

Entrance (no pin)

5 Euro or 3 Euro (consession)




Final presentation de Nachtegaal Residency

Opening presentation: Sat 9 December, 16h00 - 18h00

De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND
Heesterveld 35a, Amsterdam
Zuid Oost


Final Presentation   "SMELLIT"

Eldee at De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND.


NEVERNEVERLAND invites young national and international artist to come and work and research for a period of 5 weeks in Amsterdam South-East.
In addition to this we organize workshops based on the practice of the Artist in Residence given by the artist or other artists we invite especially for the workshops at De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND.


A thought from the intangible: The visual, sound, olfactory or palpable senses are convoked in an embodied sensible thought. An experience colored by a dialogue of affects, imagination and sometimes emotions. In short, it is like today's real life of an Artificial Intelligence

Laurent-David Garnier (b. France) works also as an artist under the name Eldee.
In 2015 he got his Master of Fine Arts at the Sandberg Instituut. Before he already got his Master of Chemistry being trained as a perfume maker at ISIPCA, a school for fragrance, cosmetics and flavours. Within his practice Eldee uses fragrance to examine the shared interactions experienced in public and private spaces. According to Eldee, fragrances contain institutional codes and conventions.

About the workshop 'SMELLIT' by Eldee:
The workshop revolved around the sense of smell in our contemporary society in the context of visual arts.
The participants where invited to explore the world around them through the lens of both senses the olfactive and the taste.


Supported by Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, CBK Zuidoost  en het Sandberg Instituut.


Aurélien Lepetit

Opening: Friday 08 December, 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 09 December – 17 December, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 17 December, 15h00– 17h00

[at 16:00 Artist talk]




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘STAMINA TROPICAL WINTER': the first solo exhibition by Aurélien Lepetit in The Netherlands.


‘STAMINA TROPICAL WINTER' is a site specific installation reshaping the architectural archetype of the Gym as a vitrine where Fitness is used as a societal obsession. It seeks to question the body as a tool to shape identities by merging sports movements and devices with clubbing aesthetics into visuals, sounds and olfactives interventions.


This exhibition will showcase glass sculptures with Fitness aesthetic which is activated by the performers and driven by a sound piece in collaboration with The Mountain.




Pedro Matias (PT), Elisabeth Mesnier (FR) and Estéfano Romani (BR)

Sound of techno: The Mountain (NL)


About the artist:

Aurélien Lepetit’s work investigates movement, gestures and attitudes from daily-life motion as a choreography. He stages the carnality of a body which is no longer present by pushing its boundaries and limits beyond gender, sexuality, political, patriarchal and sociological pressures. Lepetits work seeks the meaning of masculinity by questioning the body as a cluster to research beauty ideals, societal pressure and its impacts through medium such as video, installation and performance. Overlapping and merging olympic sports movement as a dance, Fitness as a societal obsession and Clubbing as a space of anthropological analysis shaping identities.


Aurélien Lepetit b. Lyon, France lives and works in Amsterdam. He holds a B.A. in Design of Spaces specialized in Set and Stage Design, Lyon, France, an M.A. in Exhibition Design and an M.A. in Dirty Art at the Sandberg Instituut. His work has been exhibited during The Wandering School at M^C^O, Milano (IT) (short-listed for the Milano Design Prize for best Experimentation), Off the Record: Design Performs in the Wormhole between Milan and Rotterdam at The Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL), Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune, International Design Biennale, St Etienne (FR), and assisted the curator Florence Parot for the exhibition de Appel timeline: 40+ years of risks conceptualized by Niels van Tomme, De Appel Art Center, Amsterdam (NL).



The Exhibition STAMINA TROPICAL WINTER is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts and 3M.

The Burrow

Minne Kersten & Jorik Amit Galama

Opening: Friday 17 November, 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 18 November – 26 November, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 26 November, 15h00– 17h00


Opening: Friday 17 November, 20h30

Anne Marijn Voorhorst is a writer and art-critic, during the opening she will perform a text written for the exhibition.


Finissage: Sunday 26 November, 15h00– 17h00

Sander van der Ham is an urban psychologist working for STIPO, during the finissage he will give a presentation about (among other things) the projects he does with Thuismakers Collectief.




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present “The Burrow”: a duo exhibition by Minne Kersten and Jorik Amit Galama.


The exhibition “The Burrow” approaches the current obsession with feeling at home by looking at the specific intimacy people experience in their own house. The temporary expelling of the rules of public life creates a place where one gets as close as possible to something of a true self. At the same time, the vulnerability of this constellation often implicates the anxiety for its loss. The works in the exhibition encapsulate this fragility and play with the question what we try to protect with the notion of the home.


General text:

Although his apartment was located in a rather affluent neighborhood, the interior bore a close resemblance to the trenches that were dug during the Battle of the Somme. Old magazines and plastic bags had formed walls, the sleeves of suits hanging out in surrender, a tropical plant searched for sunlight and on the floor lay fragments of furniture that had been crushed by the weight they had supported. He tripled tirelessly between the four craters in which his mattress, the toilet, a kitchen sink and a small stool were located. When he sat down on the stool he tried to determine if he smelled or heard something that wasn’t his own. Memories of the outside world, with its parks, shopping centers, and boulevards, made him guffaw; how to cope with all those complete strangers! But he sometimes questioned if more had withdrawn, were only the delivery boys roaming the streets? When the doorbell rang to announce the arrival of his ration of food he shivered. A ringing doorbell meant the proximity of someone with eyes, and the eyes of others were like rifles, ready to fire a blasting gaze.



Minne Kersten (NL) is an Amsterdam based visual artist and writer. She studied at Rietveld academie (Text & Image department, 2016). Her installations derive from fictional stories and metaphors about domesticated environments. She is interested in the living spaces that surround humans and how these are interacting with our bodies pumping of blood, flesh, skin and organs. Working across video’s, set-building and storytelling, she researches notions of architecture in relation to all sorts of building processes found in nature- and city life.


Her installations have been showed at i.a. at7 project space (2017), Museumnacht Appel Arts Centre (2017), Harbinger Iceland (2017), Worm S/ASH GA\\ERY (2017), Hrísey Iceland (2016), Oude Kerk (2015), de Brakke Grond (2015). In 2018 she will be a resident at kunsthuis SYB and a participant of the Slow Writing Lab.


Jorik Amit Galama (NL) is an Amsterdam based visual artist and writer of fiction and art-criticism. He graduated from the Text and Image department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2016. Working with the video essay as his main visual medium, he focusses on the ways in which image cultures determine people's behavior and how they try to rid themselves of this influence. His work often touches on topics related to anxiety and trauma, thereby drawing inspiration from methods of therapy.


His work has been showed at i.a. at7 project space (2017), Media Art Festival (2016), Worm S/ASH GA\\ERY (2016), de Brakke Grond (2015), Oude Kerk (2015), Lichthof (2015). In 2018 he will be a participant of the Slow Writing Lab.



Poster design by Johanna Ehde.

The exhibition The Burrow is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.



A show by The Travel Agency

Opening: Saturday 11 November, 15h00-03h00



Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


TR/PS is the 1st quarter meeting of The Travel Agency.
In an intensive 5-day working period on Site the we will employ our desires for cooperation and productive togetherness to engage in a live-research on the ‘corpus operandi’. Remote working strategies allow us to incorporate Satellite Ventures, that add up to an immersive realm which seeks to show the strengths of cooperation.
Throughout the 11th of November the im-/material findings of this Joint Venture will be presented to the public in form of TR/PS, a 12hrs long event that takes its starting point at NEVERNEVERLAND.
T rust R elations / n P eople S upport




16.00 - 22.00:
TA Trips:  A festive quarter year meeting

TA Trips: The green

YAFF:        A cooperative partnership
a satellite venture to BOLOGNA
by Ivan Cheng, Pierre Bujeau, Arie de Fijter
TBA: a satellite venture into -ship
21:00 - 03.00:
DJ Kaktus, DJ Herman Bosui, DJ Saliva.




Sandberg Series #02

Tarek Atoui

Smoke Signal

Richard John Jones

at de Nachtegaal Residency

Opening presentation: Sat 04 November, 16h00 - 18h00

De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND
Heesterveld 35a, Amsterdam
Zuid Oost

Final Presentation   "Smoke Signal"

Richard John Jones at De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND.



NEVERNEVERLAND invites young artists based in The Netherlands and abroad to come work and do research in Amsterdam Southeast for a period of 5 weeks.
In addition we organize workshops based on the practice of the artist or other artists we invite especially for the workshops at De Nachtegaal.


During the month of October we invited Richard John Jones who's work is concerned with works of histories that have been erased, forgotten or marginalised. Richard works with textile and domestic craft techniques alongside performance, video and installation.

Together with the participants Jones worked through a variety of different material-based processes. Exploring coloring, bleaching, digital printing, the performative act of making and composition. Taking a motif of the smoke signal from his previous performance and installation work, his research conducted through these workshops considered smoke as a temporary marker of presence, a cry for help, a product of violent forces of social oppression or destruction, and conversely as a screen, something that creates opacity.


Richard John Jones (UK) is a graduate of the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam and until 2012 was a Co-Director of Auto Italia South East, London. His work has been shown at EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam; Rond Point Projects Room, Marseille, SPACE, London and the Gwangju Biennial in collaboration with AA Bronson.


'every word left unspoken during the exhibition is the title'

Image: Call 0627829852 (2017), Mark Buckeridge

every word left unspoken during the exhibition is the title (2017), Philip Ortelli


Official opening: Friday 03 November, 19h00-23h00

Special performance's from 21h00

Exhibition open: Saturday 04 - Sunday 05 November, 12h00-18h00



Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam



NEVERNEVERLAND is pleased to host the exhibition of students artworks from the Sandberg Instituut Master of Fine Arts.

In an attempt to 'be one an other's means without ends'



Johanna Arco - Mariah Blue - Mark Buckeridge - Tatsuhiko Togashi - Loidys Carnero - Philip Ortelli - Timo Demollin - Kathrin Graf - Tina Reden - Lana Murdochy - Wyatt Niehaus - Alice dos Reis - Mong-Hsuan Tsai - Philip Coyne - Julie Pusztai - Younwon Sohn - Mai Spring - Amy Winstanley






NEVERNEVERLAND Foundation is a new initiative for the arts. In a drastically changing artistic landscape, NEVERNEVERLAND feels the urge to facilitate a broad range of artistic practices by upcoming artists.

NEVERNEVERLAND is organising exhibitions, artist residencies, events, lectures and screenings throughout the city of Amsterdam and abroad.


Frans de Wollantstraat 70 (HQ)

1018 SC Amsterdam

The Netherlands