Opening: Friday 27 September 19h00-23h00

with music by DJ Peter Frank


Exhibition open: 27 Sept - 13 Oct

Opening hours:

Fri-Sun 12h00 and 17h00

Please do not hesitate to contact NEVERNEVERLAND or Philip Ortelli for an appointment.


Sunday 13 October finissage 15h00-17h00




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present ”GRUMPY GRUMP CORNY CORNER”, the first solo exhibition of Philip Ortelli (Suisse).


Philip Ortelli's solo exhibition summarizes a four week stay at De Nachtegaal, residency of the NEVERNEVERLAND Foundation in Amsterdam.  Belief systems, sociopolitical concepts, simple and serious concerns only exist under the premiss that it is impossible to render the totality of todays topics into a bigger picture. The incompleteness of the new 3D animated works draw the attention to everything that is missing on the image, so that the obvious becomes a pedestal for the absent and incomplete. His new works materialize one of the most humane abilities: to create inner coherence out of outer incompatible ambivalence. Amongst some other works Ortelli will show three images of animated, ambivalent rooms as large prints on silk curtains.


About the artist:

Philip Ortelli (Switzerland, 1991), received his Bachelor degree at the Bern University of the Arts, he co-founded the Schwobhaus Bern, a community studio and multivalent artistic and experimental platform for contemporary art. Since 2018 Ortelli holds a Master Degree from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and is currently working in Amsterdam and Zurich. Ortelli is an artist working with sculpture, video and animation, oscillating between concept and intuition.

His work has been presented in group and solo exhibitions in several institutions and artist-run spaces such as Centre d’Art Pasquart, Espace d’Art Contemporain (les halles), Stadtgalerie Bern, WallRiss, sic! Raum für Kunst, Videokunst, NEVERNEVERLAND etc.


The project is supported by Kultur Kanton Bern, Kultur Stadt Bern

On Resilience (Snoozin / A night at the Nightingale)

Curated by Filippo Tocchi

First Opening:
27th of July 19h00-23h00
Second Opening:
3th of August 19h00-01h00

Location first show:


Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


Location second show:

De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND

Heesterveld 35a, Amsterdam Zuid Oost


In November 2018 a group of artists based between The Netherlands and Italy staged an intervention in the New Center for Art Culture and Research MACAO in Milan as a gesture of protest and solidarity against the possible eviction of the Center.

The intervention resulted in an exhibition and in a screening program, based on the concept of Resilience ‘tendency to rebound’ investigating the notion as an attempt to re-configure states of uncertainty and unexpectedness.


Between July 22nd and August 4th 2019 the group came together again for the two-weeks program "On resilience" hosted by NEVERNEVERLAND, structured around two exhibitions. The two recursion of the programme / exhibitions investigated the role of the negative of the repressed subject under neo-liberal logics, making it the subject of the works presented.




Ada Reinthal is a design researcher with a background in production design and live

Audio-Visual work. Her research topics focus on the mediation of words and image

through various platforms, and the interplay between technology and humans through interfaces, protocols and hardware. Recent work has been shown in Macao, Milan, Rietveld Pavillion in Amsterdam. She is an active collaborator of the platform and printed megazine PUB in collaboration with Gerrit Rietveld Academie.


Ana Maria Merkel (1990, Chemnitz, Germany) is a multimedia artist and designer

based in Amsterdam. Her practice seeks to expose, question and challenge power

structures and obsolete norms varying from gender troubles to postcolonial issues. She considers revolution as an extraordinarily designed experience that lies within a creative fusion of various cultures, intellectual worlds, institutional players and free spirits. A.M.Merkel holds a BA in Integrated Design from the University of Applied Sciences Cologne where she specialised in Gender Studies. She holds a BA in Integrated Design from Koln International School of Design and MA from Sandberg

Instituut, and she’s currently artist in residence at WOW Amsterdam. Recent

exhibitions and screenings of her work took place at British Film Institute, Dutch

National Opera, Istanbul Design Biennale.


Andrea Belosi is an architect and researcher working in the fields of architecture,

computer graphics and moving images. His work focuses on representational tools and imagery’s production, stressing the visual frontier between the synthetic and the real. Recent exhibitions include Communal Leaking in Macao Milan. He actively collaborate for the Set Design of Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam. He hold a BA from Politecnico di Milano in Architecture and an MA from Studio For Immediate Space / Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam.


Filippo Cecconi (1994, Italy) is a visual artist based in Marseille. He works mainly

with photography and installation. He has participated in several group shows,

exhibiting in Bologna at DAS (2019), Raum (2018), Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio (2017),

and in Milan at Macao (2018), Current (2017) and Edicola Radetzky (2017). He is cofounder of TRIPLA, artist-run space active 24/7 in Bologna. He has an MFA in Painting from the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts.


Javier Rodriguez is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, with a strong eye in visual

aesthetic. His work tries to challenge and reinvent contemporary image experimenting with different disciplines and processes such as video, print, ceramics, paint, sound and fashion. Density, color, energy and gesture are key words for understanding his practice. Spontaneity and improvisation for understanding his process. It’s a jazz improvisation orchestrated by a one man band. He holds an MA in Design from the Academy of Fine Art in Madrid.


Pietro Agostoni (b. 1990, Lecco) is Tekken 3 champion, poète maudit, Pusz owner,

graphologist, Amon reincarnation, trash collector, snail breeder, drums virtuoso, fire

tamer, clairvoyant, DIY philosopher, noise estimator, Haunter records disciple. Pietro

has a BFA from Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera, recent shows include Vorrei non

Vederti Oggi at Mercantino Franchising at Milano Centrale, Ops at Almanac Turin,

Communal Leaking Macao Milan, K_Night Giardini Reali Della Cavallerizza Turin.


Paolo Bufalini (1994, Rome) was Born in Roma 1994. Lives in Bologna. Since 2016

runs the artist-run space TRIPLA, which he founded with Luca Bernardello and Filippo

Cecconi. He has an MFA in Painting from the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Bologna.

Recent shows 2018 PALARAUM (with Filippo Cecconi), Raum, Bologna, curated by

Daniele Gasparinetti and Silvia Fanti 2018 Low, Adiacenze, Bologna 2018 Nugget (with

Filippo Cecconi), Spazio Intolab, Napoli, curated by &nd Project 2018 ù - Live Arts

Week VII (with Filippo Cecconi), TRIPLA, Bologna, curated by Daniele Gasparinetti

and Silvia Fanti 2018 Bello (with Daniele Pulze), Dimora Artica, Milano.


mrzb is a collective based between Bologna (Italy) and Amsterdam interested in

autonomous forms of discourse and peripheral positioning. mrzb is Andrea Parenti,

Désirée De Monte Nakouzi, Filippo Tocchi, Pietro Cortona. Recent exhibitions include

Haptic Room Missing Deeds, Amsterdam; Am i Weeping (DIP DIP dripping

floors) Tripla, Bologna; Communal Leaking, Macao, Milan; CHRYSANTHEMUM, Ho

Chi Minh City; Streaming Steaming Realities, Grace, Athens; K_Night Giardini Reali

Della Cavalerizza, Turin.


Tomasz Skibicki, the Hoarder-Gatherer is a nomadic research practice Tomasz Skibicki has developed. He creates installations, sculptures and films based on what he likes to call “first-hand encounters with second-hand stuff.” In the manner of a forensic scientist, he performs autopsies of abandoned places and things to subsequently incorporate found objects and vernacular signs into his work. Refining traditional crafts and techniques, his practice results in personal reminders of these encounters that often speak to concerns of migration, consumerism and death. He has a BFA from Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg (Meisterschüler of Prof. Micheal Stevenson) and an MFA from Sandberg Instituut, recent exhibition include Ahresgaben, Kunstverein, Nuremberg, 2018, Entropia, Blake & Vargas, Berlin, Posa Lefta, Stoa42, Athens, HEAVY METAL ERNTEDANK, Kunstpalais, Erlangen, Communal Leakings, Macao, Milan, Trampwork, DeSchool, Amsterdam.


Younwon Sohn (b.1990, South Korea) enjoys making sculpture which functions as

hospitality. The sculptures are formed from architectural elements such as floor and

window. Most of her works are site-specific installations which use domestic

architecture to reflect daily practices like cleaning, digesting and sharing, to produce an energy for a future event. She has a Sandberg Institute MFA (NL), Fine Art 2017- Korea National University of Arts, BFA, Fine Art 2009-2014 -Exchange program, Maryland Institute College of Arts (US), Fine Art, 2011



 This project has been made possible by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts.

Untouched Intimacies

Curated by                                                           Jeanette Bisschops & Manique Hendricks

Design by: Bin Koh


Opening: Friday 19 July 19h00-23h00

Special during opening:

performance by Bin Koh, music and drinks.


Exhibition open: 19 July - 21 July


Opening hours:

Saturday and Sunday between 12h00 and 17h00


Sunday 14 July

Finissage 15h00-17h00

With a lecture by curator and researcher Karolien Buurman and a panel conversation with Bin Koh, Natalia Jordanova and Valerie van Zuijlen.




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam



NeverNeverLand is proud to present ”UNTOUCHED INTIMACIES”, by curators

Jeanette Bisschops and Manique Hendricks.


In the current condition of blurring boundaries between the so-called real and the virtual, digital technologies have been permeating our lives to such a degree that we can no longer distinguish them from the physical realm we call reality. We are not only sharing bits and pieces of our lives online, we are actually living our lives increasingly through technology.

The project Untouched Intimacies explores how art practices investigate our ever changing experience and understanding of intimacy, questioning its definition in multiple ways. Intimacy, here, is not a neutral experience but a cultural construct of social conditioning imposed by patriarchal, heteronormative and Western structures, institutions and norms. The ways we experience and shape intimacy through technology thus depend on a manifold of factors that need to be highlighted and explored in this time of rapid digitization that is happening to our social, political and economic systems and lives.

Curators Manique Hendricks and Jeanette Bisschops bring together artists Bin Koh, Natalia Jordanova and Valerie van Zuijlen for an exploration of the fluid, shifting boundaries between intimacy and technology. The project presents critical and personal views that complicate the notion of intimacy and the influences of technological development rather than propose one single true version.



Bin Koh

Natalia Jordanova

Valerie van Zuijlen


This project has been made possible by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts and the support and love of NEVERNEVERLAND and all volunteers.



Opening: Friday 05 July 19h00-23h00

Special during opening:

‘Comfor+ Ball’ opening movie snack Special at 20h00

During the opening 5.7. Comfor+ Ball will serve movie snack as part of their performance routine to let audience consume their edible temporary landscape made in to the space. They fictionalize a scenery, a landscape, a scenario with different Asian ingredients. Since cooking has many gender tropes, they find it interesting to stress this bias and find it as a tool for voicing out the alienated female emotional/immaterial laborers. For the occasion their holistic build-up is embowed with using Glass trays by Aleksi Marjamaa, a co-set-designer for Myyri. Comfor+ Ball has performed at such venues as Stedelijk (Uncut), Het nieuwe Instituut and The Asian Union of GRA/Sandberg events.


Exhibition open: 06 July - 14 July

Opening hours:

Fri-Sat 12h00-17h00

and by appointment


Sunday 14 July

Finissage 15h00-17h00




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam



NeverNeverLand is proud to present ”ONE TIME GROUND ZERO”, the first solo exhibition of JAAKKO MYYRI (FI).


One time ground zero follows a tolerant construct of Myyri’s working methods where compounds of two worlds have asserted a real concrete uniform of non-ideal place. By bringing variety of people working together for the exhibition which is potentiated as a fictional space in parallel to the real world abed social structures are run at the level of performativity for the community by the community.


Presenting Offspring On Springs (2018) with a narrative Myyri calls “a binary” Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show 2018, is focused on inner workings of moral in sensual anxiety, collective vocalizing sessions. Played by him and others, its performed with energy of numerical binaries that run on our communication devices, characters set behavioral changes in temporary space in order to reach fully fulfilled agency in the world they perform in. With a recitative voice, Skiver asks “Am I the One or a Zero” - gender-chewing and cackling on top of made-up double entendre about belonging. In comedic scenes Myyri (as the character called Skiver etc.) allows together with fellow collaborators to involve themselves with queerness and outsider-ship into the binary world, where he goes about to an identity-seeking mission from tyrant grandparents to passive aggressively commenting dance-instructors – World lead seemingly from a respectless view, the anesthetic level of stereotypes back and forth it expands the world of own limited self, becomes to have a grotesque feel like a bedtime story beyond assimilation. Each scene or section has its own definitive performative arena with building blocks from the very immediate surroundings, to decode the attribute-logs trait by trait till its possible to submit to.. Myyri’s works speaks through absurdist harvesting of data online charged with mesosystemic values. Skiver grows eventually into a binary opposite – in strange mental colorscapes and potent intimacy.


They basically relish with plain shrimps, have their identities stolen on USB-sticks leading existentially unable to position themselves in an ideal way, what then?


Myyri’s graduation film has spatial continuation to new narrativebound furniture and textile works in collaboration with Christian Kingo and Ilona Myyri. Two-bodied servers re-articulate the screen vision and the code register requirements for them to be perceived in the first place, arriving at “foreign solutions”. They peak up, blip, surge and glitch on.



Jaakko Myyri (b.1991 Oulu, Finland) is an artist, performer and filmmaker. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie VAV-department (2016-2018) and since graduation has been working in Amsterdam.  Costume-making, co-designing characters and performing with music, leading the work out of a temporary space, often offers for other participants fluidity for exchange of their access, mostly in video form. Lately his work has been shown in The Netherlands and Finland, including Paradiso, Filmhuis Cavia and Stedelijk (Uncut).


Comfor+ Ball:

 Bin Koh (KR) focuses on the performed and feminized optimism that is carefully managed by our highly performative society. Koh graduated from Sanberg Instituut in 2018.

Sumin Lee (KR) and Wooryun Song (Kr) are current students at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie VAV and Graphic Design departments


This project has been made possible by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts

Come, tell me how you lived

Joakim Derlow

Opening: Friday 14 June 18h00-22h00

Exhibition open: 15 June - 22 June


Opening hours:

Tue-Wed 16h00-19h00

Thu: closed

Fri-Sat 13h00-19h00


and by appointment


Saturday 22 June

Finissage 14h00-18h00




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam



NeverNeverLand is proud to present ”Come, tell me how you lived”, the first solo exhibition of Joakim Derlow (SE).

A series of deconstructed narratives will pervade the space and present a hub for dissimulated thought and contemplation.

The artist will be present for dialogue and a tour of the exhibition.



Pervaded space. Troubled land.

Cuneiform causeway through a pit of sand.

A Black Circus on Womens’ might

- Dear, let that kid run around!


His measured step brought entropic reveal.

The Keyhole viewer - your sideburn fear!


You watch them see


they peer

A seat, a hole, an eye - Day in and day out.

Serene step into Squares. Lines. Mono. Dim and Dumb.




What started as trauma was also delight.

Radiator gurgle. A yawn - and in your soft seat a muffled sigh.




Seeing is for eyes.

Eyes are foreseeing.


Baked stone - chiseled brow.

First curled up, now sinking down.

Your body pressed against soil -

She turned around:


- Come on, tell me how you lived.


- In the Grey. The Grey Temples.


About the artist:

Joakim Derlow (SE) is a visual artist and narrator with a research field spanning from military-, survival- and observation techniques, seen through the viewfinder of artistic practice and processing, which strangely enough have revealed their roots in the modernist thinking and methods of appliance.


Lead sponsor Steinart Sensing Systems





Tom T. Smit

Opening: Friday 10 May 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 11 May - 19 May


Opening hours: Fri-Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00

and by appointment


Sunday 19 May

Finissage 15h00-17h00




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present " APORIA", a solo exhibition by Tom T. Smit (NL)



'We live in our minds, and existence is the attempt to bring that life into

 physical reality, to state it in gesture and form' (Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead).


Tom T. Smit’s new work is an exploration of the fear and attraction for the

unknown, the uncontrollable and the absurd.

The modern culture in which we still find ourselves today is an essen-

tially divided culture. On the one hand we find the ideas of the enlighten-

ment that are aimed at controlling reality and nature. On the other hand,

the deep romantic insight that this is not feasible.

The dividing line that marks this division runs right through

ourselves. This is an aporia, an irresolvable internal contradiction, which

Smit tries to make visible in this exhibition.


In one of the 8 works 'A Symbol For The Mind' (a gold-plated sphere on a bed of clipped fingernails), Smit talks about personal integrity in the struggle for self-realization. On the one hand, the attractive aspect - to become fully autonomous without giving in to power or public opinion - and on the other hand the questionable political and social implications.

While in 'The Spur of a Mystic Coincidence', ( 9 calligraphies made from the shape of Smit's feces) he tries to translate the energy, drawn from his feces, into tangible matter by making calligraphy. Smit calls them characters of the absurd. According to Albert Camus, one’s freedom – and the opportunity to give life meaning – lies in the recognition of absurdity.


more info:


NEVERNEVERLAND host                                    Sandberg Series #3

Christian Nyampeta


Curated and organised by: Juni Mun, Joost Koster, Asia Skupińska

Opening: Monday 15 April 18h00-23h00



19:30 Round table talk ABOUT OWNERSHIP
Paula Albuquerque, Belit Sag, Tania Theodorou, Christopher Tym

20:30 Drinks and music by Fran. and Maria


Exhibition open: 15 April - 18 April


Opening hours: Tue-Wed 12h00-19h00


Thursday 18th (open from 12:00)
Closing night event "AUCTION OF OWNERSHIP"  start at 19:00


20:00 Auction of Ownership

Amazing DJ sets by
21:30 Hanna Valle
23:30 Nekyia


Take a selfie, post it on Instagram,
and it’s then owned by the corporation.
Make an artwork whilst in an art school,
and the piece belongs to the institution.
All those places I’ve rented, that I called home.
My passport? It is a government’s property,
I read on the last page.





Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam


CAN BE MINE.>", a group exhibition curated by Juni Mun, Joost Koster and Asia Skupińska. All students of the Gerrit Rietveld _VAV department.


The curators approched NNL to make this 'student owned' exhibition, they wrote the following:


For this exhibition, we would like to ask what it is, in the broadest sense, to own – as a
living being (human and non-human) or as an institution, how does it manifest in actions and thoughts, words, concepts.


We would like to bring attention to the terms of “ownership”, in an artistic, social and political context; by transferring ownership from one point to the other, to think of the friction that occurs.

What the notion of owning signifies is usually taken for granted, or set in a contract with strict outlines. Often though, it seems to be more ~~fluid~~ and contain more than a mere set of rules. A responsibility, an exchange of values, certain feelings, titles, guidelines, actions.


In the coming four day exhibition 9 artists pose their own questions surrounding this notion. In particular they were asked to come up with a specific set of rules and ideas for their work to be exchanged. How can we play around with the traditional way of exchanging ownership and to shed new light on it?
We will make this happen on the last night of the exhibition.


On Thursday the 18th of April there will be a big festive ‘auction’ of all the works on display, each with its own set of rules of exchange.


These rules you can read in a publication we made for this occasion.
If you happen to be interested in any of the works, please come by on Thursday for your chance of obtaining the work!



Charles Debord

Paula Garcia Sans

Hannah Jacques

Juni Mun
Emre Özakat

Poppy Paulus-Nicolas
Pernille Pederssen

Asia Skupińska

Eefje Stenfert


 Supported by VAV_moving image, Gerrit Rietveld Academie


Equivalent of Wealth

Vincent Knopper

Opening: Friday 15 March 19h00-23h00


Exhibition open: 16 March - 24 March


Opening hours: Fri-Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00

and by appointment


Sunday 17 March

A walk with architecture historian Oene Dijk and Vincent Knopper himself.

During the walk Oene Dijk will point out significant social developments in architecture in the Indische Buurt.

The walk starts from NEVERNEVERLAND at 15:00.

NOTE:The tour is in Dutch.

If you want to join, please rsvp via:


Oene Dijk studied art and architecture history at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and worked at NAI and multiple architectural firms. Currently he is a lecturer at several art and architecture universities such as Academie van Bouwkunst, Groningen en Tilburg and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.



Friday 22 March
-Furthermore- in conversation with Lisa Sudhibhasilp

Via 3D models and a various images Knopper and Sudhibhasilp will have a conversation about the exhibition and related topics such as ‘the poor material’ and ‘constructions of value’.

The talk starts at 20:00.

Lisa Sudhibhasilp works as visual artist and studied photography (Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 2016). Her works has been shown at P////AKT Amsterdam, Playground Londen e.a. In 2018 she received the Mondriaan Fonds Jong Talent.


Sunday 24 March

Finissage 15h00-17h00




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present " Equivalent of Wealth", a solo exhibition of Vincent Knopper (NL).


In Equivalent of Wealth Vincent Knopper shows a series of sculptures and interventions inviting us to take a closer look at our surroundings guided through his perspective.


The idea is to look at things that were initially not made for us to look at, only for us to use. With a view borrowed from a French utopian concept for communal housing realised in the late 19th century by Jean Baptist Godin, the exhibition Equivalent of Wealth considers the typical architectural elements and materials used in social housing.



Knopper shares his fascination for manufactured materials and furniture designs that are meant to represent wealth, in their most accessible form – riches for the masses. Mostly built out of “poor” materials such as chipboard and plastics. Materials Knopper deems anonymous. Anonymous because they are mass produced, lack individual qualities and are solely attributed functional purposes. They are wealthy only in their appearance and anonymous in their identity, but their value lies precisely within that inconspicuous, serving, idealistic nature. Out of fascination, and even a slight envy of the brilliance and simplicity of these designs and materials, with precision and respect, Knopper makes them his own by recreating and imitating; allowing distinguishing constructions and giving them an identity.


Vincent Knopper (NL) is a visual artist. He studied Fine Arts (Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 2012) and Material Utopias (Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam 2015) and is currently artist in residence at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen. From his urgency to create, Knopper mirrors his environments from his own perspective, exploring the way it’s designed and created. For his work, the materials themselves are mostly the starting point. Using existing shapes, associations and meanings, making them into his own. Knopper’s installations, sculptures and interventions reflect on the process of making, mass-design and the meaning of materials - presenting functional objects in their purest form.


Vincent Knopper is currently supported by the Mondriaan Fonds Jong Talent

This exhibition also received funding from the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst


Lead sponsor Perspex International

Our Lives Elsewhere

CinemAsia LGBTQ program

Image: Xiaoxiao Xu


Opening: Friday 01 March 19h00-01h00

with beats deliverd by:


(electro-indi dance-glitch hop and techno)


Exhibition open: 01 March - 10 March

Opening hours: Fri-Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00 and by appointment


Saturday 09 March

Evaporating Stories

CinamaAsia and x ChinaRaw performance

Start: 15h00




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present "Our Lives Elsewhere", a collaboration of NEVERNEVERLAND and CinemAsia LGTBQ program.


Our Lives Elsewhere is curated by Darunee Terdtoontaveedej (Thailand) as part of CinemAsia Film Festival 2019 (5-10 March).


With the exhibition, Our Lives Elsewhere intends to provide a wider cultural context to the film program, acting as a backdrop as well as an archive, documenting the lives of Asian LGBTQ individuals across the continent and for those who are in The Netherlands we are created a platform to expose the work of Dutch-based, queer Asian creatives, such as Jonathan Ho and Xiaoxiao Xu, whose bodies of work explore the notions of the queer and Asian identities while forming a dialogue with the online contributions from the many LGBTQ individuals across Asia.


Apart from celebrating the opening of the exhibition, Our Lives Elsewhere, we’ve also got something we’d like to anticipate and call upon: our hope towards a significant milestone for LGBTQ history in Asia. With Thailand set to pass a landmark law that would make it the first country in Asia to legally recognize same-sex union, we want to mark this opening with a bang! (and a surprise performance...)


Asia is home to 60% of the world’s population and is culturally rich and diverse, as is the various attitudes towards the LGBTQ communities throughout the continent. In recent years, we have witnessed many significant developments in LGBTQ rights, ranging from the decriminalization of gay sex in India, to the first pride event in Yangon, to Indonesia’s growing hostility towards the LGBTQ communities, however, there are multiple perspectives on the matters, and many issues are often overlooked and misrepresented. Despite the progress in some areas, the LGBTQ experience remains a taboo and an unspoken struggle for many across the continent.


Featuring works by:


Xiaoxiao Xu (NL) is a Chinese photographer who is particularly interested in the surreality of reality. She aspires to tell stories from a unique perspective and subtlety that leaves spaces for the viewers to freely interpret and awaken their imagination to dream away.

For this exhibition, she has contributed a photographic series, Chinese homoseksuele jongeren in Amsterdam (2009) commissioned by the Amsterdam City Archives.


Jonathan Ho (Malaysia) is a designer and the founder of CHINTZD, a multi-disciplinary practice, using the topics of fetish culture and sex as a means of addressing our understandings of contemporary life.

He has created an installation consisting of a body of work that deals with themes of ‘Asian’ eroticism within the West and how this defines and shapes contemporary Asian identity.


The Queer / Asian Archive was made possible through an online call for contribution across social media. We are deeply grateful to those what dared to speak up and share their stories.


CinemAsia aims to bring together personal stories and documentation that may shed light to the personal and public lives of  LGBTQ individuals and showcasing the broad spectrum of gender identities and representation across the different cultures in Asia, while taking up a safe, physical space on behalf of those of whom many are not able to do so in their home countries.


The LGBTQ program has always been a vital element to the CinemAsia Film Festival. Taking place between 5 - 10 March 2019, this year’s program will go beyond personal stories to explore wider issues that impact the LGBTQ identity and experience, such as the LGBTQ positions in Asian society in the context of legal rights, protection, structural inequality, and examine how these factors may impact their personal lives. The LGBTQ programme aims to promote Asian, queer visibility, role-models and self-authorship to our own narrative, while exploring the social positions within the cultural intersections through a selection of film screenings and complementary programmes.



This project has been made possible by Gemeente Amsterdam and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

A Room Now Guests in Its Roomness

Márk Redele

Opening: Friday 08 February 19h00-23h00


Exhibition open: 09 February - 17 February

Opening hours: Fri-Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00 and by appointment


Saturday 16 February


A spoken performance by: Yve Lomax

Start: 17h00


Sunday 17 February

Finissage 15h00-17h00




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present "A room Now Guests in Its Roomness", solo show by Márk Redele with contributions of Michiel de Cleene, Nicolò Scatola and Ott Metusala.


The exhibition at hand like many others starts with its title, in this case presented as an object: the word roomness denotes the condition of a room being and in this being the room finds its comfort. We may say: What is to be found here is this being, alone.

The title is the first object presented in a spatial assembly initiated and facilitated by Márk Redele. Michiel De Cleene, Nicolò Scatola and Ott Metusala have created one-one contribution for this occasion on an invitation basis. Every work in the exhibition occupies a pivotal position.


They are arranged and posed together as a spatial construction that points to a complexity which does not reveal itself explicitly at any point. They may be seen following the logic of a house that is defined by the togetherness of a series of familiar elements: floors, walls, the ceiling, the staircase, the corridor, the portal and the likes. Here, a similar form of togetherness is attempted while familiarity is suspended. This suspension gives space to the not yet known; becoming plays out in front of our eyes; addressability is at stake here and to address one has to bear the consequences.


The selection of the participants is by no means arbitrary, they were approached by Redele because of a sense of belonging to an emerging group of practices that deal with radical means of spatial production and criticism that takes place within the arts while often drawing from the designed environment. This mediation between the arts and the designed environment is put into work towards the problematization of objects of design or architecture. This involves the consideration of these objects as pivotal elements of importance in a context rather than means to ends such as purpose or function.


Metusala's contribution is taking the form of a publication object that becomes the permanent shape of the assembly at hand while it extends into the spatial realm becoming a constitutive element of the construction. The object is intended as a vehicle that holds the material brought together for the occasion but also creates a potential economy for another, similar construction taking place in the future, attempting a unity of commission, presentation and content in one body.


About the guest performance:


Yve Lomax


Everything in this world is designed to distract us from what is there, very close ...

Nearness is a 30 minutes spoken performance that develops a vision of demand, coming to see it not only in life but also potentiality and use, and, what is more, contrary to the rule of economy. While attentive to the song of language, this spoken performance carries within it the contention that there is no strictly political language or domain.


Yve Lomax is a visual artist and writer. Her major publications include: Figure, calling (2017); Pure Means: Writing, Photographs and an Insurrection of Being (2013); Passionate Being: Language, Singularity and Perseverance (2010); Sounding the Event: Escapades in Dialogue and matters of art, nature and time (2005); Writing the Image: An Adventure with Art and Theory (2000). She has been Professor of Art Writing (Goldsmith College) and Senior Research Tutor in Photography/Fine Art (Royal College of Art). She is currently a director of and editor for Copy Press; she is also the director of its Reader’s Union. For many years she has given spoken performance of her written work.



Márk Redele is an artist and architect. He is a graduate of the Studio for Immediate Spaces department at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. In his practice he deals with the delivery of frames and conditions that allow consequent complexity to unfold. The main focus in his work is the problematization of the architectural object as a critical entity. When deploying a set of spatial elements, things are being put into play and life is offered up; the situation we are facing becomes apparent as function, simply as a consequence. How does one deal with spatiality without presupposition?


He has shown works in various exhibitions and programs including Palais De Tokyo ( Paris, France ), Reform Biennale 2018 ( Munkeruphus, Denmark ), BIN - Belgian Institute for Normalisation ( Turnhout, Belgium ), Sandberg Graduation Show 2016 - East Wing ( Amsterdam, NL ), a solo show at the Zoete Broodjes art space ( Amsterdam, NL ) and received a Talent Development Grant from the Dutch Stimuleringsfonds.

Michiel De Cleene graduated from Kask Gent in 2010 as a master of fine arts - photography. The recurring theme in his (documentary) work is an investigation into the position of the viewer, the process of watching and the photographer. Following the series /Barriers - European Neighbouring/ and /KLD/, he recently finished /Peripheral Landscape/ and the long-term project /Viewpoint - Point Of View/: a series of images that show tourist viewpoints as a multiple intervention in the landscape.


Nicolò Scatola is a graduate of the Politecnico di Milano and the Studio for Immediate Spaces department at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Scatola is currently writing and researching.


Ott Metusala is a graphic designer living and working in Amsterdam. He graduated
from the Department of Graphic Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA 2011) and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (BA 2015). His work mainly focuses on book design and typography, both autonomous and by commission, in close collaboration with colleagues, artists and institutions. Previous collaborators include: Lieven Lahaye, Katja Novitskova, Merike Estna, Kati Ilves, Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia, Kumu Art Museum, Lugemik publishing
and Asterisk Summer School.


This project has been made possible by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts


Lotje van Lieshout

What did you expect?

Groupshow VAV2


Friday 11 January 19h00-23h00


Exhibition open:

11 January - 13 January

Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present "What did you expect?", Groupshow by 11 students  VAV2, presenting their wonders and concerns on assumptions, beliefs and presumptions. VAV - Moving Image dep. at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.



Millie Rose Dobree
Morgane BW
Katya Vogel
Tuna Tunaboylu
Manfredi Red Coppolecchia
Cis V Korsakov
Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen
Adri Ana
Ilona West
Spage Clage
Shifra Osorio Whewell


VAV - Moving Image:

VAV is an education in visual art that focuses on the moving image. The notion of the moving image is a very actual one in the contemporary art world. In the international practice of making exhibitions and art, the moving image has developed as one of the major means of expression. We give attention to the disciplines: film, animation, sound, performance, video, new media, visual arts, film - and art history. Interesting is the area ‘between’ the disciplines. In the cross section between image and sound or 3-D works and for example advanced computer technology amazing works are created.



This project is made possible with the support of Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

Offroad Offerings

Nína Höskuldsdóttir & Smári Róbertsson


Saturday 15 December 19h00-23h00


Exhibition open:

15 Dec - 06 January Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Closed for Christmas and New Year




Frans de Wollantstraat, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present "Offroad Offerings", Duo show by Nina Höskuldsdóttir (IS) and Smári Róbertsson (IS).


The map no longer represents the landscape, but now it is the landscape that represents the map. The map no longer serves as an instrument so that we may orient ourselves in the landscape, but now it is the landscape that serves as an instrument so that we may orient ourselves in the map. The truth stops being a function of the map’s adjustment to the landscape, and becomes a function of the landscape’s adjustment to the map.
— Vilém Flusser, Natural:Mind


Sorry for the short notice but we just came down from the mountains. We took a short cut down, went off-road so to speak, cutting a few days of the journey. This summer an older colleague told us how she rationalises going off the path. She said there’s a ratio of how much time you devote to a place that equals your allowance to transgress it. Once your familiar with something
you allow yourself certain liberties which you wouldn’t otherwise, and having serviced the area as wardens for 3 years now we confidently cut across the mountains.
The hiker’s maxim states “leave nothing behind” but during long journeys on foot you’ll inevitably find lost objects. These objects aren’t so much lost by people as they are found by nature. The highlands, which always seeks homeostasis, will attempt to integrate and erode them into its own image, but it always falls short. They end up perfectly suspended, floating on the surface, balanced between the forces of nature (gravity) and culture (buoyancy).

For the show Offroad Offerings we’ve taken certain liberties to bring you a translation of some of these objects. They are here not as representatives of either world but as double or triple or quadruple-agents infiltrating both at the same time. They are the result of a chaotic game of telephone played between a small island in the Atlantic and its (sometimes reluctant) inhabitants.


About Artists:


Nína Höskuldsdóttir (Iceland, 1992) is a textile artist based in Amsterdam and Gothenburg, Sweden. Her work consists of surfaces laboured to varying degrees arranged in spatial installations. Primarily working in the medium of tufting her subject matter and methods are inextricably linked by their atomic quality. Uniform blocks of tufted wool take the form of familiar and solid topographical features which if prodded reveal an unstable materiality. This also speaks to an underlying theme of contrasting labour against non-labour and in that questioning the position of a craftsman/artist in a post-industrial society, in which the dichotomy of labor

production worth and artist production worth can clash, mix and challenge each other.


Höskuldsdóttir holds a BFA from Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2016) and currently studies for an MA at the Högskolan För Design Och Konsthantverk in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Smári Róbertsson (Iceland,1992) is an artist and musician based in Amsterdam. In his work he examines location-specific phenomena and topographical characteristics, which he translates into written works, sound compositions and site-specific installations. The focus of his work often lies on the inherit need we feel to auto-biographize our life experiences in order to account for our existence and surrounding. Through his works we encounter objects, who’s history not only shaped them, but who owe their autonomy and existence to the incidental processes which

happen in the backdrop of our own lives.


Róbertsson holds a BFA from Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2015) and an MA from the Sandberg Institute (2017) in Amsterdam.




Friday 30 November 19h00-01h00

Guest performances by:

Aaron McLaughlin & Eduardo Leon as Chthonic Apparel

Noumeno, Raw, Circular Ruins - Mutant Antilian Dub Sleep Dive Jam


Exhibition open:

30 Nov - 09 December Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage Sun 09 December, 15h00– 17h00




Frans de Wollantstraat, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present "FUTURE RELICS", Solo show by duo Nicola Barotto (IT) and Yiannis Mouravas (GR)


Following their inaugural solo show in Athens earlier this year, the Amsterdam based artist-duo Baratto & Mouravas where invited by NEVERNEVERLAND to do a month long residency on the caribian island Aruba at Ateliers '86 with whom NEVERNEVERLAND will collaborate for the coming year.


The exhibition in Amsterdam will focus on a video installation and the presentation of a limited edition publication.


Following their projects in Venice and Athens, the artists embarked on a journey to the island of Aruba. The exhibition Future Relics is the output of the month-long residency on the island, researching within the context of their Archaeo-Dreaming practice. The duo explored an Atlantic Triangle made up out of 3 elements: SS Antilla, a Nazi shipwreck sunk off the coast of Aruba during WWII; Antilles, the Caribbean Archipelago Aruba is a part of; and Antilia, a phantom island reported in medieval charts. Baratto & Mouravas not only uncover myths and legends, but also a history seeped in past and present forms of colonialism.


About Archaeo-Dreaming

Archaeo-Dreaming is a practice initiated by the duo combining their particular expertise and philosophical research in archaeology, history and the world of dreams.

History is a collection of blurred memories, patched together in history books. Nothing more than a collective dream or a delusion.

So why not use the same process of recollecting dreams to re-frame our past and foresee our future?


About artist:

Nicola Baratto & Yiannis Mouravas

Nicola Baratto (Montebelluna IT, 1989) and Yiannis Mouravas (Athens GR, 1986) are an artist duo based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They graduated together at the Dirty Art Department and they are active participants of the Wandering School. Their multi-media work explores the self-devised notion of Archaeo-Dreaming. Their work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Venezia, Milano, Aruba, and Athens.



The Exhibition “FUTURE RELICS” is supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Annee Grøtte Viken (NO) and Juri Suzuki (JP)

Opening: Friday 16 November 19h00-23h00

Performance by Yurie Umamoto (Dancer) 20h00

Exhibition open:
17- 25 November Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00
Friday 23 November
Guest speakers
Kaita Shinagawa (Model Maker)
Elejan van der Velde (Artist)
door open: 19h00
Talk start: 20h00
Sunday 25 November 12h00-17h00
Finissage Tea Ceremony




Frans de Wollantstraat, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present " Cave of Forgotten Dreams" duo show by Juri Suzuki (JP) / Annee Grøtte Viken (NO)

– Cave of Forgotten dreams, designed and produced by artists Juri Suzuki and Annee Grøtte Viken, takes the form of an Ikea store. Drawn to the dichotomy between the companies advertised goal to 'create a better everyday life for the majority of people' and the realities of global standardization and the ideologically determined construction of normality, the artists have created an alternate world in which they explore these utopian aspirations and dubious actualities.  Using materials like flat-pack furniture, shopping bags, and advertisements, as a point of departure, Suzuki and Grøtte Viken’s works act as components of a new fantastical reality — a world that is at times playful but also ignites questions that multiply the longer one inhabits it.



Juri Suzuki (JP) Born and raised in Fukushima, Japan. She graduated in Architecture, from Tokyo University of Science in 2005, from the Fine arts of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2013 and Studio for Immediate Spaces of the Sandberg Instituut in 2015. She currently works as an artist based in Amsterdam and has participated in several artist in residences and group exhibitions in Japan, Korea, Greece and the Netherlands. Suzuki was an artist-in-residence and had a solo exhibition in De Fabriek in Eindhoven in 2018. She participated in the Fukushima Biennale in 2016 and 2018.

Annee Grøtte Viken (NO) graduated from the Studio for Immediate Spaces of the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam in 2014. In 2015 she published the book ‘It Had Something To Do With The Telling Of Time’ with support from the creative funds NL exploring her methodology using fiction and literature as a tool for making and thinking about space. She recently finished a residency as the collaborative practice Albergo Rosa with architect Maximiliaan Royakkers at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. Grøtte Viken is trained in the craft of decorative painting from Van der Kelen - Logelain and is currently teaching Creative Writing at ArtEZ (NL) and material science at NKH (NO).

Yurie Umamoto (JP) first trained at the Tokyo ballet. After studying at RIDC (Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine) in Paris, she moved to Amsterdam. In 2010 she graduated from SNDO (School for New Dance Development). Since then she has been mainly developing performance installations and image works, and collaborating with artists from various disciplines. She has been interested in exploring the perception of time and memories, and the mixtures of physical, visual and acoustic approaches. Her works have been presenting in theatres, galleries and site-specific locations. As a performer she has participated in projects by Lea Martini, Theo Cowley, Simon Tanguy, Jija Sohn, Ruta Butkute and others.


Kaita Shinagawa (JP) is an architectural model maker and designer. He is ambitious to create architectural objects that stimulate and enchant people by high precision works and his own unique sense of creativity while enjoy being part of translating and visualizing the idea and concept of projects in various fields.

Elejan van der Velde (NL) is a visual artist from the Netherlands with a material-based practice using models, sculpture, installation, video, photography and drawings. He holds a BA in Fine Art from Arnhem (NL) and graduated in 2014 (cum laude) from The Studio for Immediate Spaces at the Sandberg Institute. After his graduation he has had residences in Prague, Moscow, Rotterdam, Alkmaar and Rijeka and received the talent development grant from the creative funds NL and the grant for emerging artists from the Mondriaan Fonds. In 2017 he made his first public work in Alkmaar (NL).

The Exhibition “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” is supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.


Students -Fine Art department Sandberg Instituut

Opening: Thursday 08 November 19h00-23h00


Exhibition open:
09 - 11 November Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00



Frans de Wollantstraat, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is hosting the show curated and made by all students of the Sandberg Instituut Masters of Rietveld "
Anouk Asselineau | Anna Maria Balint | Mariah Blue | Mark Buckeridge | Kathrin Graf | Jesper Henningsson | Miriam Kongstad | Alexander Kuusik | Pedro Matias | Lana Murdochy | Wyatt Niehaus | Julie Pusztai | Tina Reden | Yara Said | Aleksandr Sergienko | Younwon Sohn | Dimitris Theocharis | Lieselot Versteeg | Myrto Vratsanou | Klara Waara | Amy Winstanley

Some Things Strange in the Magical Forest

Timna Tomiša

Opening: Friday 12 October 19h00-23h00
'Rite of passage' special opening ritual at 20h00
In the form of the ‘reverse rite of passage’ , those who wish to keep the spirit of childhood with them everywhere they go, will be able to receive a special mark by the Infinite Kid...
— a tattoo ritual performed by Pernille Pedersen
Exhibition open:
12 - 21 October Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00
Finissage: Sun 21 October, 15h00– 17h00



Frans de Wollantstraat, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present "Some Things Strange in the Magical Forest", first solo show of artist Timna Tomiša.

Purple sand dunes.

Glittery deserts filled with fallen (glow-in-the-dark) stars.

Crashed cars and multi-eyed monsters.


These are some of the denizens of the new wonder-world envisioned by Timna Tomiša. Through her take on the classical trope of the fairytale forest, Tomiša creates a realm that is at times both magical and sinister.

In a manner of a ‘spatial fairytale’ the viewer accounts fairies, monsters, talking objects and other clues and artefacts that all together stand as an allegory for the inevitable process that every child must undergo - growing up.

As we come of age, the imaginary wonderlands start to fade and it’s magical monsters become merely ghosts in our mind. Some Things Strange in the Magical Forest embodies those ghosts in flesh, not only as testimonials of lost times but as well as the reminders that magical spirits can always be summoned if we employ our wild, childlike imagination and look at the rear view mirror of our inner worlds.



About the artist:

Timna Tomiša (b.1994, Zagreb, Croatia) is an Amsterdam based film-maker/ (audio)visual artist, her practice is rooted in film-making but even more so in the all-encompassing process of creation of the mise en scène. In this way Tomiša creates surreal, topsy-turvy, absurd, almost synthetic worlds that run on their own inherent, idiosyncratic logic whilst almost secretively pointing towards phenomena that occurs in the so-called ‘real world’.

Tomiša holds a B.A. of Fine Arts, specialised in Audiovisual Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL) and has exhibited her work in the Netherlands, Iceland, Finland and Norway.

Pernille Pedersen (DK) is both a visual and a tattoo artist currently obtaining her BA at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. A true child at heart, she has been starring as various magical creatures in Tomiša’s work since 2017.



 The Exhibition "Some Things Strange in the Magical Forest" is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts.

NEVERNEVERLAND host                                    Sandberg Series #1

"Resurrect Extinct Vibration:                           (Soma)tic Ritual Praxis”

CA Conrad



Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam

Entrance (no pin)

5 Euro or 3 Euro (consession)



flyer design by Mateo Broillet



About CAConrad:

Born on January 1, 1966, poet CAConrad describes himself as “the son of white trash asphyxiation whose childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift.” He is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including ECODEVIANCE: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness (Wave Books, 2014); Philip Seymour Hoffman (were you high when you said this?) (Worms Press, 2014); A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: New (Soma)tics (Wave Books, 2012); The City Real & Imagined (Factory School Press, 2010), with the poet Frank Sherlock; and The Book of Frank (Chax Press, 2009), recipient of the Gil Ott Book Award. He has also authored a book of nonfiction essays, Advanced Elvis Course (Soft Skull Press, 2009). A 2014 Lannan Fellow, a 2013 MacDowell Fellow, and a 2011 Pew Fellow, he also conducts workshops on (Soma)tic poetry and Ecopoetics.






"All aboard the SuperTessel Battleship"

Tessel Bruhl

Opening: Friday 14 September 19h00-23h00 (start 19:30)
Interactive lecture by Simone van Saarloos
& Fashion Show with models from house of Vineyard
Exhibition open:
15 - 23 September 12h00 – 17h00
Finissage: Sun 23 September, 15h00– 17h00
Special events: 15, 22, 23 September (see info below)
Frans de Wollantstraat, 1018 SC Amsterdam
NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present "All aboard the SuperTessel Battleship", solo show of Amsterdam artist Tessel Bruhl.
On 14th of September 2018 Dutch artist Tessel Brühl  will transform the exhibition space of NEVERNEVERLAND, creating an intergalactic battleship. This battleship contains an exhibition that is dedicated to visualise the invisible struggle for equality. All visitors are recruited and will prepare for their own battle, whether that is gender equality, racial equality or anything else that divides us. The exhibition consists of a large installation, costumes, sound, video, performances and workshops.

“ The NEVERNEVERLAND gallery will be the headquarters from which I recruit the public for the fight. I invite the public to participate in workshops and physical interaction with the installation; to train for a more equal world.
All the works I make in my practice as an artist are included in the Super Tessel universe. A dimension in which reality is stretchable and dreams become wearable.
Do you want more dept and reflection? Then come listen to lectures , and performances or join workshops by artists, philosophers, scientists and designers. With writer Simone van Saarloos and  Amber Ambiance Vineyard with the House of Vineyard. Warriors from the Super Tessel army will make a contribution, such as Roospeee and Julia Veldman c.”

“My name is Tessel Bruhl, but people also call me Super Tessel. The super powers that I have are in my hands. Super hands with which I have created a universe full of color, made of spandex.”

Event Calendar

Saturday 15 September - The Meeting 17:00 - 21:00
An all girls Networkwhere woman share their experiences and tips and tricks about working in the creative industry.
Free, RSVP @

Saturday 22 September - Get ready for battle/ Every revolution starts with a Movement 12:00 - 17:00
Interactive lectures and bootcamp
a workshop and interactive lecture where we together will discover how to train and fight the evil villains that keep society captive. How can we use our physical bodies to destroy the structures that keep inequality in place. After a week of fighting there will be a Sunday afternoon in the focus of self care.
free entrance

Sunday 23 september - Take care11:00 - 15:00
Treatments, Thai Yoga Massage, Acupuncture and Cupping
Limited availability, see Facebook event
free entrance
Finissage 15:00 - 17:00


The Exhibition "All aboard the SuperTessel Battleship" is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts



Yaima Carrazana

Opening: Fri 22 June, 19h00 - 23h00

Opening Cocktail - performance by Loidys Carnero


Public lecture: Fri 29 June by curator Stephanie Noach

door open: 19h00

lecture start:19h30

Free entrance


Exhibition open: 22 June -01 July, 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 01 July, 15h00– 17h00


Location: NEVERNEVERLAND at de Punt

Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is proud to present “Letters from Paradise”, a new solo exhibition with Amsterdam-based Cuban artist Yaima Carrazana.


The paintings streamline the particular psychology and ideology of institutional color palettes. The works explore large format canvasses using oil paint. Gradients, transparencies and color interference's predominate, as well as harmonious combinations. Wondering thru illusory spaces, perhaps bureaucracy-free and creating a heaven for optimism. For the artist “Letters from Paradise” summarizes several years trying to figure out “the good life” in a foreign country. Carrazana allow herself the freedom to use governmental Dutch color codes from her own perspective as a foreigner. The work’s provocation lies in its seeming open-endlessness, its refusal to assert a closure of meaning and the possibility to expand a private experience into a public one.


The presented paintings appropriate and re-articulate the meticulous design of the Dutch government, reaching out to the government-wide corporate identity. These works are a culmination of Yaima’s previous works; from “Declaration letters” taken from designs of the Ministry of Justice, Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst), and documents regarding her immigration status in the Netherlands, to “Foreign Affairs”, inspired by a wide range of bureaucratic sources. For “Foreign Affairs”, Carrazana appropriates the color palette used by this Ministry for its graphic communication.


About public Lecture:

Curating at Cuba’s eBay for the Twelfth Havana Biennial

In this presentation Stephanie Noach will reflect on the virtual exhibition Handmade Twitting which she curated with the Cuban curator Beatriz Gago for the Twelfth Havana Biennial: Between the Idea and the Experience (2015). Bringing together Cuban artists living inside and outside Cuba, this exhibition responded to recent changes in Cuba’s economy and took place at the online auction and shopping website Revolico.


Stephanie Noach curates, teaches and writes. Recent exhibitions include Delta. A Narrated Exhibition (book-exhibition to be presented at diverse institutions in Europe and the Americas), 89 nights (Museo de Antioquia, Medellin), Behave Yourself (Fábrica de Arte Cubano, La Habana), Sin Oficio Ni Beneficio (Twelfth Havana Biennial), I Would Prefer Not To (Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam), and An Exhibition Without Spectators (Eleventh Havana Biennial). She taught and lectured at multiple institutions in Europe and the Americas, amongst them Casa Tres Patios (Medellin), Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (La Habana), Laboratoiresd’Aubervilliers (Paris), La Polaca (Lima), Lugar a Dudas(Cali), New York University, Rietveld Academie(Amsterdam), Universidade de Lisboa, and the University of Arts of Cuba (Havana). Her articles have been published in journals and she has edited and written various catalogues; these include: Arte Cubano, Fundación de Arte Cubano, Havana Biennial, Metropolis M, Papeles de Cultura Contempóranea(Universidad de Granada), Nexo (New York University), Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, and Museo de Antioquia. She is currently exploring the potentialities of darkness as a PhD student in Art History and Latin American Studies at Leiden University.



About the artist:

Yaima Carrazana (Santiago de Cuba, 1981).

Trained initially as a painter at the San Alejandro National Academy of Arts. Carrazana moves freely among various media and formats such as painting, video, performance and installation. Throughout this range of media, Carrazana’s work stands out for the way it engages in a highly informed yet frequently irreverent dialogue with the history and discourse of contemporary art. Creating work that explores the unstable limits between what is considered art and what is not, Carrazana weaves a delicate web of commentary on the contexts political, cultural, gender-based – that determine the way art is received and interpreted in today’s globalized art world.

Her work has been exhibited in the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, US in 2017, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana, CU in 2014, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, DE in 2012, Kunsthal KAdE. Amersfoort, NL, 2012, 12th Istanbul Biennial in 2011, the Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Mudam-Luxembourg, the Fondation Cartier, the 2011 Liverpool Biennial, the 2008 Gwangju Biennial and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, JP. In 2011 she completed two years’ residency program at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam.



The Exhibition "Letters to Paradise" is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts.


UNDER CONTROL _double show

Cesar Brun

Delano Paul Mac Andrew

Opening: 09 June, 19h00 - 23h00

Exhibtion open: 09 -17 June, 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 17 June, 15h00– 17h00


Location: NEVERNEVERLAND at de Punt

Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘UNDER CONTROL double show'
Two artist Cesar Brun and Delano Paul Mac Andrew who are both showing their works at the same time; sculptures and drawings, One, inspired by the use of analyzing programs who are registering our emotional state and use of the mouse while watching commercials online. The other in his objects, deals with the interface between chair (as a tool) and visual object, between the applied and the autonomous arts. He has therefore chosen 'the chair shape' as the basis.


Cesar Brun:

Glass panels veiled, lights come through.

There is the king of fallen leaves who look at the sunset, over the ocean.

-"who's watching?"

The reception office demon briefly salute him.

Fallen leaves, King looks away but he is quickly brought to his knees, fed with fire snakes by another demon employee.

-"Haha, classic" one whisper in the crowd.

Back at the ocean, the sun is still up, a sail turn over.

|1Il O0

Here and there.

The sail's movements are monitored by Neuro-ID. Erratic and smooth, perhaps it's the wind, the lack of attention, the sailor's anxiety, or confidence. Decisions or lack thereof, it's recorded anyway, through scripts. It's 2016 already, meaning will be found in these movements.


God must be bored.

We need to entertain,

ask things someone never asked Him before.


Fallen leaves king gets up and walks through the ways. The Elephant stops laughing and point at him where to go, three more stages, or nine, eighteen? Can't tell.


Veiling reflections arise again.


Delano Paul Mac Andrew:

Man is sitting when he thinks he is sitting.

Sitting - it seems like a simple and even universal act. Yet there is a rich variety of seating types in the world; culture, social distinction, man-woman role patterns: all things that influence the way of sitting of the individual person.

This diversity is the starting point for the visual project Sitting in the Arts.

In particular, they are postures from various social classes and cultures that are depicted in the objects of Delano Paul Mac Andrew. Not only the sitting posture is important; also the context that sticks to it, such as all the rules and rituals that are inextricably linked to the sitting position in question. 

Especially the unsupported sitting postures from certain African and Asian cultures form an inspiring guideline for him.




About the artist:

César Brun, born in Paris, France, currently working and living in Amsterdam. He has a bachelor and master in fine art from Ecole de Recherche Graphique (BE).

Recently he graduated from the fine art program of Sandberg Instituut Master of Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. César Brun is a multidisciplinary artist with drawing as a main media. His practice drifted from a dislocation of linear perspective in Renaissance paintings, in order to sustain a form of indecisiveness, to later expand into territories based on digital and esoteric cultures. Amongs others he had solo and group exhibitions in places such as Ten Haaf Projects (Amsterdam, NL), Wiels (Brussels, BE) and Palais de Tokyo (Paris, FR).


Delano Paul Mac Andrew has Amsterdam as a living and working base. He works both two - and three - dimensional, often in an abstract figurative manner. Themes in his visual objects are mostly translations of a socio-cultural context; whether it is sources of inspiration as sitting postures in various cultures, or the use of the word APE for African Americans. The globalized society offers constant (visual) material that asks for critical comments. Delano often uses textile materials and techniques in his objects, but occasionally also makes trips to hard materials such as MDF.

Mac Andrew studied monumental design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, and textile teaching methods at the teacher training of the Inholland University of Applied Sciences.



by DAY

Exhibition open:
Friday 01 June:  19h00 – 23h00 (DJ from 20h30-23h00)
Saturday 02 June: 17h00– 19h00 (Foodperformance)
Sunday 03 June: 17h00– 19h00 (Foodperformance)

Reservations and tickets for the meal 18+
Until Thursday 31 June by sending email to:

**: (If you have any food allergies, please mention them in the mail)


There are two ways to join:

--> to have a meal

--> to watch


Ticket price:
Regular 15 Euro
Student 12 Euro


Location: NEVERNEVERLAND at de Punt

Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam



DAY is a unit of time. it is defined as 86 400 seconds. DAY has several different spans of time based rotations of the Earth around its axis. Within these spans DAY often inhabits and activates the spaces. DAY uses them as a tool to reflect on space such as well as a current social enviroment and to let go coded behaviours. Work of DAY is crossing bounderies of a maker and a viewer and draws new interpersonal relations. It's intension is to challenge thoughts and emotions by creating a physical, mental and spacial experience.


About the Artist:

Dorotha Radzimirska and Yulia Ratman (both based in Amsterdam) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2016. For both it was a second studies. Dorotha Radzimirska has a background in social and cultural science & multicultural education and Yulia Ratman in graphic design and illustration. Their practice combine live works, moving image and cared forms.

NOTE: There will be a video registration, this project is a social research.

Supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts 



Arthur Guilleminot

Opening: Thursday 31 May 19h00-23h00


Exhibition open:

Sat 02 June – Sun 03 June, 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 03 June, 15h00– 17h00


Veemkade 570, 1019 BL  Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND invites young national and international artist to come and work and research for a period of 5 weeks in Amsterdam South-East.
In addition to this we organize workshops based on the practice of the Artist in Residence given by the artist or other artists we invite especially for the workshops at De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND.

Artist Arthur Guilleminot is concluding his seven weeks in residency in an exhibition Skinning Utopias : Immersion.


Through interactive installations, uncanny companions, creepy objects and sexy wearables, you are invited to decorticate the topic of skin. Skinning Utopias questions identities as they are conceived nowadays, complexions as they are peeled and sexuality as it is feared.

We invite you to enter a place where you need to touch, to cuddle,

to experience...


About the Artist:

Arthur Guilleminot is born in France in 1992. After finishing high school close to Paris he moved to Troyes to study industrial design in 2010. Throughout two internships and 2 years of specialisation he graduated from the Ecole Superieure de design de Troyes (FR). His second internship pushed him to moved from France in 2013 to work for a semester at Emmanuel Babled Studio (Amsterdam, NL). By assisting an artist designer in such events as Milan design week or Venice art Biennale, Arthur discovered the field of designed art.


After getting his bachelor he decided to expand his visions by not only focusing on industrial design but to work on conceptual and performative objects. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam, NL), Design Lab department, where he started to experience the link between performance and props design. Arthur joined the Driewieler Collective in 2014 focused in developing objects choreographed by their use.



This project is made possible with the support of Amsterdam Fonds voor Kunst



Soft Landings


 -special edition-

Opening: Friday 23 March 19h00-23h00


Exhibition and screening program open:

23 March – Sun 25 March, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 25 March, 15h00– 17h00


Sunday 25 March start 16h00:

Error of Eros - Public lecture by Aynouk Tan




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘CINEMA SUNDAYS' -special edition- :

an international screening/exhibition platform for young filmmakers and artist.


Exhibition 'ERROR OF EROS'

by Luciënne Venner

Recent graduate Luciënne Venner made a site specific installation consisting of 3 works: her new short film ‘Error of Eros’, which is a "one-shot (this is a full-length movie filmed in one long take by a single camera), ‘Songs of Agave’ an audio piece and ‘Untitled’ a textile work.


Screening program by:

Berber Humalda

Jaako Myyri

Manuala Rosso-Brunach & Melissa Koziebrocki

Kleoniki Stanich

Timna Tomisa


With the combination of a screening program and exhibition, we give the maker and audience the change to deal with film in other settings then being projected on a a screen or wall, and to have a broader understanding of the concept and the making proces of the film makers/artist.


This year we have selected 6 film makers, all alumni/students of the

VAV-moving image- department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

The works all deal different way with themes such as: the body, gender, longing, eroticism, human behavior and relationships.


About the exhibition: 

' Error of Eros'

With this installation Venner researches the nature of erotic longing and the poetic expression of sexuality. How is it that I desire what I desire? How does our visual culture influence our erotic desire?
Venner invited Aynouk Tan to give a public lecture during the finissage of her exhibition.


About the artist:

Luciënne Venner (°1989, Baexem, Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam. She is a filmmaker, musician and performance artist who researches transformation as identity. Balancing on the edge of recognition and alienation. Her performances and films appear often as dreamlike. Her work has been featured at EYE Film Museum, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Arti et Amicitiae, Nederlands Filmfestival, Kassel experimental documentary film festival.


About Public lecture Error of Eros:

In her lecture Aynouk Tan will deconstruct the concept of gender identity, discuss the concept of queer as an alternative to binary gender identities and give examples of ways in which erotic desires can be shaped within alternative communities.

Tan is a fashion philosopher and curator and is researching the way we generate visual culture, gender (identity) and sexuality by our appearances.


About Aynouk Tan:

Tan acquired national fame for her column at the NRC Handelsblad ' fashion according to Aynouk Tan', for which she dressed up in different outfits on a weekly basis to discuss its historical, artistic and social significance. Nowadays she works as a journalist, teacher, moderator and art director for a wide range of clients, such as Radio1, het Stedelijk Museum, Vodafone en Stichting Mama Cash.
All her work focuses on critical reflection on (cultural) analysis of the way fashion and clothing form our identity, perception and behavior.

About Screening program:

by Berber Afke Humalda
Film description:
The work “Hulleman” is inspired by unrecognizable microscopic images and how these images create a world on its own. “Hulleman” is a journey that travels over a surface and explores the passing of time, alienation and the human body.
About the artist:
Berber Afke Humalda graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2016. A fascination with details, change and transiency of the human mind and body has always been the main subject of her work. Besides video works she also makes pen drawings that consists of small lines and dots. In both video and drawings a close-up of the world is explored.
'Reasons 9 months can be a gig'
by Jaakko Myyri
Film description:
Reasons 9 months can be a gig starts with a boy discovering an agenda as a young male. A visibly contagious pattern of male focus, constructed gender and addressing of family are prominent narrative blocks for him as he revisits his kinetic environment and invites others to join his simulation.
About the artist:
Jaakko Myyri (b. 1991, Finland) works with media art and set designing, graduating from VAV.
‘Ashley Ashley Ashley’
by Manuela Rosso-Brugnach & Melissa Koziebrocki
Film description:
In their collective performance “Ashley, Ashley and Ashley”, Koziebrocki, Rosso and Falero Vázquez scored their performance as a response to call out culture. Through the safety of the window gallery, they interact directly with gallery passerbys by. The three performers choreographs, script and inhabit the voices of several female identifying bodies to “call out” passersby through the safety of the window gallery of ATA. These bodies will make a commentary on the current climate of “call out culture” that exists on social media and in many cultural institutions. This confrontational tactic describes what to say when someone says or does something that upholds the oppression of another group. Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre will be used in order to come up with alternative tactics for resistance. Characters will also be created within the performer’s body that will inhabit a multitude of these ongoing judgements on people’s bodies and politics.
About the artists:
Manuela Rosso-Brugnach is currently a fourth year student at the Audiovisual department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. In 2016 she attended the San Francisco Art Institute where she studied at the New Genres department. She works primarily with Performances and Video Installations with a focus on relational boundaries of gender and the Internet -with a capital I-. Her work configures a dynamic summary of the eclectic web as the unreachable yet inevitably constructed set that defines our everyday identity. Rosso-Brugnach’s performances have been exhibited in the United States and throughout Europe. Before coming to The Netherlands she lived and studied in Germany, Argentina and the US where she was educated in theater, music and dance.
Melissa Koziebrocki is a Performance and Video Artist and Arts Educator. She was the recipient of the Graduate Fellow Award at the San Francisco Art Institute, where she received her MFA in New Genres in 2017. In 2017, she was a Resident Artist at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Melissa has a Bachelors in Art History from McGill University, a Bachelor of Fine Art from OCAD University, and has a Masters of Museum Studies from University of Toronto. Most recently, Melissa has performed at such spaces as the Socrates Sculpture Park, Berkeley Art Museum, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Highways Performance Space, SAFEHouse for the Performing Arts, San Francisco Mint, Artist Television Access, XPACE, and the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives. She has been a Resident Artist and Panelist for the Feminist Art Conference. Her work has been published in She Does the City, Theory Boner: Manifesto and on the cover of Foglifter Magazine. In 2007 she founded the student-run Fridge Door Gallery, which is celebrating its tenth year anniversary.
by Kleoniki Stanich
Film description:
Tactilis introduces three strangers; a woman around 40, a truck driver in his 50s and an older lady of around 75 years old, who co-exist in the same space. An immobile ferryboat. The characters are lonely passengers unconsciously seeking for the feeling of belonging. Through what seems to be a moment of accidental physical contact, a new language starts to form between them. The film replaces words with gestures and it navigates around the structure of a relationship. The minimum amount of contact that takes place, becomes an alphabet. All the fragments of their encounter get mentally amplified by each one of them and end up forming a game.
About the artist:
Kleoniki Stanich grew up in Athens but moved to the Netherlands at the age of 18 in order to study. She has always had a natural tendency to observe social structures & behaviours; therefore moving in a new environment transformed this tendency into a necessity and gave a primal function to the act of observing which became almost like a survival mechanism. All this presented a newfound, sensitive sense of affiliation. Kleoniki grasps from these experiences and creates mainly film-oriented work that deals with social integration, communication and the sense of belonging. She gets inspiration by the works of filmmakers as well as real life and draws her characters and their stories by observing contemporary every day life. Loneliness is often present in her characters who are usually strangers somehow forced to co-exist in the same public space. The results of this become the scripted storyboard on which various non verbal communication-games take place.
Kleoniki Stanich is graduating this year at VAV - Moving Image.
'The Graveyard Slot'
by Timna Tomiša
Film description:
The Graveyard Slot is a thirteen minute anthology film dealing with the portrayal and abstract juxtaposition of nocturnal mythological creatures and their ‘real world’ counterparts.  In three vignettes we are given an insight into the world of the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy and the Vampire as we follow them through their nightly undertakings.   This film aims to shed a different light on the types of people we consider ‘outcasts’ - by elevating them to the status of mythological creatures the outcasts are becoming more 'cool’ and acceptable, while in turn, the mythological creatures are seen as more humble and human.
About the artist:
Timna Tomiša (b.1994, Zagreb, Croatia) is an Amsterdam based film-maker/ (audio)visual artist.
A recent graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s Department of Moving Image - VAV, Tomiša’s practice is rooted in film-making but even more so in the all-encompassing process of creation of the mise en scène of her films.
In this way Tomiša creates surreal, topsy-turvy, absurd, almost synthetic worlds that run on their own inherent, idiosyncratic logic whilst almost secretively pointing towards phenomena that occurs in the so-called ‘real world’.


The Exhibition 'ERROR OF EROS' is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts


Minhong Yu

Opening: Friday 9 March 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 9 March – Sun 18 March, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 18 March, 15h00– 17h00


Opening performance: In between short lines (clap, splash, boing)
Part 1: 20h00 – 20h20, Part 2: 22h00 – 22h20
Onomatopeic breath, and soft silences in extra verbal
A trio. Performance 20’ by Monica Mays
Goran Turnsek (SLO) - Bin Koh (KR) - Monica Mays (SP)
Finissage performance 16h00 – 16h30: 
by Rutger Muller (NL)




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘BREATHE': the first solo exhibition by Minhong Yu in The Netherlands.


As a designer and artist raised and educated in China and based in Amsterdam, Minhong Yu (于旻弘) stands simultaneously in two worlds and two systems, trying to start a dialogue between them. How can they find a relationship, how can they find a balance?
In the 2-channel video-installation BREATHE on translucent silken screens an atmosphere of tension between different realms is created. With the use of flags – red, white and transparent – Minhong depicts existing systems of power, and questions symbols of identity. BREATHE confronts opposing forces, and proposes a dialogue between poetry and rigid socio-political structures, between opacity and transparency. In the installation BREATHE Minhong shows the polluting factories of her hometown and her newly overseas residence as contributors of a beautiful landscape, where air, smoke and water are the links for transportation between these two continents. Smog is in both installations the invisible medium that connects these otherwise distant worlds softly together.
Living in an unfamiliar environment, coping with a language barrier, and forced to explore the meaning of identity, Minhong wants to become invisible: to wear a smog-mask and disappear into the herd. Because in order to be stronger, one first has to be weaker. The voice of silence is the highest state of bonding. Transparency can be the perfect camouflage for any existence in this world.
About Protokols: 
"Spectral mysticism oscillating between high and low brow, micro and macro cosmos, emotion and abstraction. Contains elements of classical/early music, (dark) ambient, (glitch) techno and new age.” Protokols is a contemporary classical/ ambient-techno album composed by Rutger Muller between 2012 and 2017. Through sampling and collaboration with classical instrumentalists, unorthodox combinations of sound textures and musical traditions are shaped into mystic avant-garde sound worlds. The six Protokols compositions fuse heavy rhythmic drive with cosmic tranquility. They explore contemporary club culture’s role in evoking ancient spirituality and shaping space for radical anonymous catharsis. In 2018 Protokols was further developed as a spatial sound installation, which will presented as an immersive, experimental club environment within Minhong Yu’s video installation BREATHE.
About the artist:
Minhong Yu graduated in 2013 from the China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, and obtained her masters degree in Design at the Sandberg Instituut, Rietveld Academy in 2016. Her work is concerned with visibilities and invisibilities relating to social issues in this digital world, and ranges from prints to video installations which explore representations of power. Right now she is organising a dialogue on new ways of visual communication under the I YU Studio she founded in 2016.
Simultaneously with the exhibition BREATHE at NEVERNEVERLAND, her installation BREATHE is also presented at Filmtheater Kriterion Amsterdam, as a part of Cinemasia.



Special thanks:
Femke Schaap & Sjerk Timmer


The Exhibition 'BREATHE' is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts.


Pedro Matias

Opening: Friday 23 February, 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 23 February – Sun 04 March, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 04 March, 15h00– 17h00


Public event: EVERYTHING IS LIQUID - Thu 01 March, 20h00-21h00

Guest: Eliza Steinbock, Maria Guggenbichler and Rabea Ridlhammer

More info see below



Patrick Schmatzer (AUT) -  Mina Tomic (ISL)

Moreno Perna (IT) - Merdan Akbayir (GER)




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘EVERTHING BUT FACIAL': the first solo exhibition by Pedro Matias in The Netherlands.


The exhibition and the public event are curated by Léon Kruijswijk,

guest curator of NEVERNEVERLAND.


EVERYTHING BUT FACIAL is the culmination of nine months of investigation which  Matias started in April 2017 at the NEVERNEVERLAND recidency de Nachtegaal in Amsterdam ZO, focusing on the repercussions of capitalism in the bodies and minds of today's society. Corporate societies have evolved into an over-edited reality since major companies and industries have created imagery to influence, define and control the way we see ourselves and how we behave. Therefore, mass followers and the majority are created, resulting in a normalization of behavior. In such systems, non-conformist thoughts and beliefs continuously face challenges, often in an attempt to instigate change. With atmospheric site-specific installations, Matias reflects on corporatism, neo-liberal capitalism, normativity, display and consumerism through performative destruction and chaos.


Pedro Matias considers both voice and body a weapon for change and revolution. In the course of the exhibition, performers deconstruct and mess up the installations. Their non-normative and queer bodies represent the labor as well as the disruptive power each one of us holds in our hands. Here, the body becomes political, beyond gender and sexuality, using both concepts to expose diversity and demystify normative roles. Their movement could be considered the longing for - or the possibility of - a queer utopia. EVERTHING BUT FACIAL faces challenges of dominant corporate societies and is a colorful performative attempt of creating alternative knowledge.




‘EVERYTHING IS LIQUID’ explores positions of post-modern bodies in today’s society, which will be put in feminist, queer, transgender and intersex perspectives. With a pluralistic mixture of artistic and academic contributions, we will examine further the notions Pedro Matias’ metaphorically addresses in his solo exhibition, such as corporatism, neo-liberal capitalism, consumerism, hetero-normativity, sexuality and the position of queer bodies.


Prior to the mixture of contributions we will screen Matias’ video ‘…to my plastic brothers… (2017), which laid the foundation for the EVERYTHING BUT FACIAL exhibition. In between, we will talk with Matias about his artistic research.


Maria Guggenbichler will present ‘Intimacy Manifesto’: a short story about Hortense Spillers who thinks about the individual as a “formation in relation to property”. ‘Intimacy Manifesto’ whispers, murmurs and un-speaks non-sexual and queer intimacies. The text will be read by Guggenbichler and Hodan Warsame, featuring a short correspondence with Alok Vaid-Menon.


In their talk, Eliza Steinbock will focus on the substance of slime as a model for thinking about subjectivity, inter-object and human relation and bodily form. Since the late 1940s, the new commodity of plastic and the quality of plasticity has been a dominant model for theorising gender, useful for feminist theories of social construction. However, it has also been used against transgender and intersex claims to gender identity that might appear at odds with their morphology or sexual characteristics. Steinbock will discuss how slime opens a critical path to conceptualising contemporary formations of gender, sexuality and the flow or stickiness of value and embodiment.


Gossip Girl Rabea Ridlhammer will serve us a hot dish, ventilating gossip as the evil force of distribution of half-truths we love/hate, but also as a form of supremely camp communication. Gossip, here, will be considered as a form of art - a method as queer as its content.



Eliza Steinbock

In this talk, Eliza Steinbock will focus on the substance of slime as a model for thinking about subjectivity, inter-object and human relation and bodily form. Since the late 1940s, the new commodity of plastic and the quality of plasticity has been a dominant model for theorizing gender, useful for feminist theories of social construction, but also used against transgender and intersex claims to gender identity that might appear at odds with their morphology or sexual characteristics. Similarly, liquidity is prevalent in neoliberal discussions of both the market and its commodities as well as returns as an important characteristic of flexible workers and celebrated in identifications of gender fluidity. In this line of thinking, Steinbock will discuss how slime opens a critical path to conceptualizing contemporary formations of gender, sexuality and the flow or stickiness of value and embodiment, and finally, how slimey-ness trigger the affects of attraction and repulsion. Drawing on the works presented by Pedro Matias at Neverneverland in this exhibition titled “…,” and feminist and queer artists like Hannah Wilkie and Martin O’Brien, Steinbock will discuss the allure of the gross, and the discomfort provoked by slime’s particular aesthetics of amorphous change.


Eliza Steinbock - Assistant Professor of Film and Literary Studies at Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, and former “Veni” Talent Scheme postdoctoral researcher awarded by The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research for “Vital Art: Transgender Portraiture as Visual Activism” (2014-2018). Their forthcoming first book, Shimmering Images: Trans Cinema, Embodiment and the Aesthetics of Change, is with Duke University Press (Winter 2018).


Maria Guggenbichler - ‘Intimacy Manifesto’

Hortense Spillers thinks about the individual as a "formation in relation to property.” Intimacy Manifesto whispers, murmurs and un-speaks non-sexual and queer intimacies. Forms of boundless relation, community, family and home, which grasp clearly yet go unapologetically against and beyond the individual, property, and the other institutions of western racial capitalism – coupledom, marriage, the nuclear family, blood kinship, citizenship, the nation state, etc. Marriage will never set us free – neither will the individual or subject status.


A voice message left by Maria Guggenbichler, featuring a short correspondence with Alok Vaid-Menon. Text will be read by Hodan Warsame and Maria Guggenbichler.


Rabea Riddlhammer

I’m gonna serve you a hot dish. A short exercise in channeling different voices, ventilating gossip as the evil force of distribution of half-truths we love slash hate it to be, but also as a form of supremely camp communication. Its power to disrupt might well lie in the passionate embrace of its own trivialisation. Whether it is coded language between whoever falls through the gaps of the het-no matrix or simple s/he-said-s/he-said between two friends - gossip, here, will be considered as a form of art. A method as queer as its content (I totally stole this line). xoxo gossip girl.


About the artist:


Pedro Matias (lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands) was born in Lisbon, Portugal; in a period marked by the awakening from an authoritarian, corporate, conservative and nationalist regime and evolving into a capitalist, corporate society. Matias connection with physical activities goes back to when he was a young athlete in competitive swimming. While growing up, Pedro felt his body and mind went in different directions. His brain became disembodied, living withing an entity beyond himself, and rather failing short of his expectations.

After many years of refusing the use of the body as an artistic medium, Pedro discovered that his own body could move and be used in his works. Thus in his practice, Pedro tries to combine his conceptual approach with dialogue between object an body, using time and space. Pedro has shown his works in Portugal, Germany, France , UK, Greece, Switzerland, China, Russia and the USA.



The Exhibition EVERYTHING BUT FACIAL is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts.

Sandberg Series #03

The Rizome and the Multiverse



Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam

Entrance (no pin)

5 Euro or 3 Euro (consession)



Aurélien Lepetit

Opening: Friday 08 December, 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 09 December – 17 December, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 17 December, 15h00– 17h00

[at 16:00 Artist talk]




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present ‘STAMINA TROPICAL WINTER': the first solo exhibition by Aurélien Lepetit in The Netherlands.


‘STAMINA TROPICAL WINTER' is a site specific installation reshaping the architectural archetype of the Gym as a vitrine where Fitness is used as a societal obsession. It seeks to question the body as a tool to shape identities by merging sports movements and devices with clubbing aesthetics into visuals, sounds and olfactives interventions.


This exhibition will showcase glass sculptures with Fitness aesthetic which is activated by the performers and driven by a sound piece in collaboration with The Mountain.




Pedro Matias (PT), Elisabeth Mesnier (FR) and Estéfano Romani (BR)

Sound of techno: The Mountain (NL)


About the artist:

Aurélien Lepetit’s work investigates movement, gestures and attitudes from daily-life motion as a choreography. He stages the carnality of a body which is no longer present by pushing its boundaries and limits beyond gender, sexuality, political, patriarchal and sociological pressures. Lepetits work seeks the meaning of masculinity by questioning the body as a cluster to research beauty ideals, societal pressure and its impacts through medium such as video, installation and performance. Overlapping and merging olympic sports movement as a dance, Fitness as a societal obsession and Clubbing as a space of anthropological analysis shaping identities.


Aurélien Lepetit b. Lyon, France lives and works in Amsterdam. He holds a B.A. in Design of Spaces specialized in Set and Stage Design, Lyon, France, an M.A. in Exhibition Design and an M.A. in Dirty Art at the Sandberg Instituut. His work has been exhibited during The Wandering School at M^C^O, Milano (IT) (short-listed for the Milano Design Prize for best Experimentation), Off the Record: Design Performs in the Wormhole between Milan and Rotterdam at The Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL), Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune, International Design Biennale, St Etienne (FR), and assisted the curator Florence Parot for the exhibition de Appel timeline: 40+ years of risks conceptualized by Niels van Tomme, De Appel Art Center, Amsterdam (NL).



The Exhibition STAMINA TROPICAL WINTER is supported by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts and 3M.

The Burrow

Minne Kersten & Jorik Amit Galama

Opening: Friday 17 November, 19h00-23h00

Exhibition open: 18 November – 26 November, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00

Finissage: Sun 26 November, 15h00– 17h00


Opening: Friday 17 November, 20h30

Anne Marijn Voorhorst is a writer and art-critic, during the opening she will perform a text written for the exhibition.


Finissage: Sunday 26 November, 15h00– 17h00

Sander van der Ham is an urban psychologist working for STIPO, during the finissage he will give a presentation about (among other things) the projects he does with Thuismakers Collectief.




Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


NEVERNEVERLAND is excited to present “The Burrow”: a duo exhibition by Minne Kersten and Jorik Amit Galama.


The exhibition “The Burrow” approaches the current obsession with feeling at home by looking at the specific intimacy people experience in their own house. The temporary expelling of the rules of public life creates a place where one gets as close as possible to something of a true self. At the same time, the vulnerability of this constellation often implicates the anxiety for its loss. The works in the exhibition encapsulate this fragility and play with the question what we try to protect with the notion of the home.


General text:

Although his apartment was located in a rather affluent neighborhood, the interior bore a close resemblance to the trenches that were dug during the Battle of the Somme. Old magazines and plastic bags had formed walls, the sleeves of suits hanging out in surrender, a tropical plant searched for sunlight and on the floor lay fragments of furniture that had been crushed by the weight they had supported. He tripled tirelessly between the four craters in which his mattress, the toilet, a kitchen sink and a small stool were located. When he sat down on the stool he tried to determine if he smelled or heard something that wasn’t his own. Memories of the outside world, with its parks, shopping centers, and boulevards, made him guffaw; how to cope with all those complete strangers! But he sometimes questioned if more had withdrawn, were only the delivery boys roaming the streets? When the doorbell rang to announce the arrival of his ration of food he shivered. A ringing doorbell meant the proximity of someone with eyes, and the eyes of others were like rifles, ready to fire a blasting gaze.



Minne Kersten (NL) is an Amsterdam based visual artist and writer. She studied at Rietveld academie (Text & Image department, 2016). Her installations derive from fictional stories and metaphors about domesticated environments. She is interested in the living spaces that surround humans and how these are interacting with our bodies pumping of blood, flesh, skin and organs. Working across video’s, set-building and storytelling, she researches notions of architecture in relation to all sorts of building processes found in nature- and city life.


Her installations have been showed at i.a. at7 project space (2017), Museumnacht Appel Arts Centre (2017), Harbinger Iceland (2017), Worm S/ASH GA\\ERY (2017), Hrísey Iceland (2016), Oude Kerk (2015), de Brakke Grond (2015). In 2018 she will be a resident at kunsthuis SYB and a participant of the Slow Writing Lab.


Jorik Amit Galama (NL) is an Amsterdam based visual artist and writer of fiction and art-criticism. He graduated from the Text and Image department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2016. Working with the video essay as his main visual medium, he focusses on the ways in which image cultures determine people's behavior and how they try to rid themselves of this influence. His work often touches on topics related to anxiety and trauma, thereby drawing inspiration from methods of therapy.


His work has been showed at i.a. at7 project space (2017), Media Art Festival (2016), Worm S/ASH GA\\ERY (2016), de Brakke Grond (2015), Oude Kerk (2015), Lichthof (2015). In 2018 he will be a participant of the Slow Writing Lab.



Poster design by Johanna Ehde.

The exhibition The Burrow is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.



A show by The Travel Agency

Opening: Saturday 11 November, 15h00-03h00



Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam


TR/PS is the 1st quarter meeting of The Travel Agency.
In an intensive 5-day working period on Site the we will employ our desires for cooperation and productive togetherness to engage in a live-research on the ‘corpus operandi’. Remote working strategies allow us to incorporate Satellite Ventures, that add up to an immersive realm which seeks to show the strengths of cooperation.
Throughout the 11th of November the im-/material findings of this Joint Venture will be presented to the public in form of TR/PS, a 12hrs long event that takes its starting point at NEVERNEVERLAND.
T rust R elations / n P eople S upport




16.00 - 22.00:
TA Trips:  A festive quarter year meeting

TA Trips: The green

YAFF:        A cooperative partnership
a satellite venture to BOLOGNA
by Ivan Cheng, Pierre Bujeau, Arie de Fijter
TBA: a satellite venture into -ship
21:00 - 03.00:
DJ Kaktus, DJ Herman Bosui, DJ Saliva.

Presentation of the Disappearing Breath

Juri Suzuki

Open Studio presentation:

Saturday 30 November, 14h00-18h00



NEVERNEVERLAND residency De Nachtegaal
Heesterveld 35a, Amsterdam
Zuid Oost


For her period in our residency De Nachtegaal, Juri Suzuki was doing reasearch on   two questions how we can experience the moment in a space and the body, and how slowly are our bodies oxidised and aging? She investigated by making  and creating casting of her body and try out oxidation phenomenon of different materials.



About the artist:

Since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant disaster in 2011 in Japan, Juri Suzuki became increasingly aware of the vulnerability of daily regularities. She began to research the values and differences of local commodities; everyday things which we are used to appear to have many layers. Through researching local commodities and transforming them into art, she is interested to make her own narrative between local commodities and herself.


Juri Suzuki (JP) is a Master graduate from the Studio for Immediate Space of the Sandberg Instituut 2015 (NL) and the Fine Arts of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL) and of the Architecture of the Tokyo University of Science (JP). Through studying architecture and fine arts, her work has evolved to explore site-specific spaces, cultural identities and the psycho-geography of materials. Her work takes form of spatial installation, sculpture, text, and movie.



About the Recidency

NEVERNEVERLAND invites young national and international artist to come and work and research for a period of 5 weeks in Amsterdam South-East.

In addition to this we organize workshops based on the practice of the Artist in Residence given by the artist or other artists we invite especially for the workshops at De Nachtegaal, residency of NEVERNEVERLAND.

The participants of the workshop will also present their workshop outcome on the last Saturday of the 5 weeks.





NEVERNEVERLAND Foundation is a new independant initiative for the arts. In a drastically changing artistic landscape, NEVERNEVERLAND feels the urge to facilitate a broad range of artistic practices by upcoming artists.

NEVERNEVERLAND is organising exhibitions, artist residencies, events, lectures and screenings throughout the city of Amsterdam and abroad.


Frans de Wollantstraat 70 (HQ)

1018 SC Amsterdam

The Netherlands